A Medical center or Hospital is a full-time activity sector. Every day hundreds of patients are diagnosed with different types of problems. Not only Doctors but the trained medical and paramedical professionals take care of patient’s treatment, so this surely will require many people including medical and non-medical professionals like administrators, Accounting, and HR. Every day a huge number of data are incurred and maintenance is necessary to have conventional methods to maintain the integrity of the process.

So a Hospital Management System or HMS Solution (Tech word preferred) will make all the process maintenance easy. A fully efficient system that can take care of all operational aspects of a medical center helps to concentrate on the enhancement of patients as well as your staff members.

So by adopting an HMS Solution, you will have a customized user interface with high-level access control for various users, based on the specific administrative and functional roles of the hospital. You can have your Hospital software designed for any size of Hospitals and Healthcare institutes, which can opt to avail in both On-Premise or Cloud installs.

Modules that gets Beneficiated by adapting HMS Solution:

  1. Doctor
  2. Patient
  3. Nurse
  4. Ward and Operation Theater
  5. Accounting and Invoice
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Laboratory and Radiology
  8. Human resource

HMS Solution focuses on features like:

Features for Doctor

  • Doctor’s Profile Management: Manage your own profile details.
  • Appointment Reminder: Receive scheduled appointment reminders.
  • Waiting Queue Dashboard: View the list of patients waiting for the checkups.
  • Discharge Summary and Notes: Add discharge summary or notes for the patients.
  • Patient’s Complaints: View patients complaints received
  • Track Patients History and Previous visits: View patient history before any process.
  • Documents: View patients reports, X-Rays, and Document
  • Prescription Management: Provide prescription to the patients and can also view past prescriptions provided with standard prescription feature

Patient Management

  • Patient Registration: Easy patient detail capturing.
  • Outpatient: This will help to maintain a list of appointments for each day. And helps to schedule appointments for patients.
  • Inpatient: This will help to manage the complete cycle of indoor patients – from admission to discharge.
  • Patient Appointment Management: Easily Scheduling patients’ appointments and view already scheduled an appointment.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Maintaining and capturing patients’ medical details and maintaining history in form of e-records.
  • Patient Hospitalization: Easy engagement process of patient hospitalization and assisting nurse and diet for the patient.
  • Discharge Management: Provides flexible discharge process, records and generates various documents such as Consent forms, discharge summary, etc.
  • Automated Patient Follow-up Scheduler: Set follow-up for the patients in the interval of days and schedule appointments for patients’ checkups.
  • SMS Reminders: Receives SMS of the appointments scheduled.

Features for Nurse

  • Medication Management: View all the medication list that has to be given to the patient.
  • Ward and Bed Preparation Request: Add request forward and bed for any patient and view availability.
  • Drug Dosage Tracking and Alerts: Receive alerts for the drug dosage to the patient along with the dose.
  • Tracking observations: Adding and maintaining records for patients’ Pulse, BP, Temperature, and also being able to view past added observations.

Features for HR

  • Staff Management: Adding and maintaining new staff(doctor, nurse, or any employee) and their details.
  • Attendance Tracking: View and maintain employee attendance.
  • Duty Time Tracking: Setting duty for nurse and doctor and schedule duty timings.
  • Leave, Appraisals, Reimbursement: Accepting leave request, and view appraisals, reimbursement of any employee.
  • Payment and Salary: Manage pay sheet and salary disbursement processes along with professional taxation system
  • Access Control and Authorization Control: Providing access to the user for the system also adds or removes access to any user.

Features for Accounts Department

  • Managing Invoices: Creating and maintaining Invoices for patients consultation, hospitalization, and other Procedures Invoicing
  • Detailed Billing in Required Format: Preparing detailed billing for the patient discharge and other consultations.
  • Accounting: Manage monthly and annual accounting

Features for Ward and OT Managers

  • Operation Theater Status: Manage OT status to get a quick view of the availability
  • OT Schedule: Schedule OT for the patients based on a list of OT scheduled by date and time.
  • Anesthetist Notes: Managing anesthetist notes
  • Manage Ward: Maintain all the wards and manage the availability and Allocation
  • Manage Bed Details: Maintain all the room and its bed details and the availability and Allocation based on Ward and Bed Facility required.

Features for Laboratory Manager

  • Lab Requests: View and create Lab test requests.
  • Test Management: Manage patients wise records of the test done.
  • Update Patient Reports to Doctor: Ability to send all the reports of the patient to the respective doctors

Also, advanced features like Integration with the X-ray machine. Integrating with Laboratory and Radiology Centers

Features for Pharmacist

  • Manage Medicine: Ability to manage medical information and details like price, name, drug and composition details, etc.
  • Medicine Availability: Ability to check stock availability of the medicine and viewing as per based Batch/Drug/Composition.
  • And once stock is reduced automated medicine request alerts are received and requests are sent and purchase order
    is generation
  • Drug Expiry control: Ability to receive alerts for drug expiration.

Additional Features of HMS

  1. Certificate Module
  2. Dietary Management
  3. Insurance and Claim Management
  4. Multilevel Doctor Management
  5. Laboratory and Radiology Management
  6. Data & System Security Management
  7. E-mail, SMS, and Call Integration
  8. Asset and Inventory Management
  9. Multi-Language Selection

You will have the ability to monitor the user actions through the admin panel to maintain the authenticity of the users into the system which is necessary as it shall provide the genuine users a better environment. HMS Solution offers an easy yet efficient way of generating revenue and managing your system for creating a safe and trusted environment for the end-users.

Cost of developing an HMS Solution

The cost of developing an HMS Solution depends upon the level of functionality incorporated into it. Consolidating the basic features and users could reduce your investment cost, but incorporating extra functionalities with a number of users may require extra funds and development costs. Hence, it is necessary to look for a firm that already has experience in building such applications. Firms like Agile Infoways have prominent experience in providing solutions for Hospital Management systems.

Also, the final cost of the software depends upon the following scenarios:

  1. Number of users
  2. Hourly software development costs
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Ongoing support and maintenance

Work with Agile Infoways

Agile Infoways has successfully implemented Hospital Management Software Projects for single-doctor hospitals to more than 300 bedded multi-specialty Hospitals. We had developed software for the hospital industry which was highly loved by our lovable client. We assure clients to bring their enhancing thoughts to the marketplace in a more intuitive manner. Our developers are talented and experts to convey the best solutions. Agile Infoways believes in maintaining punctuality and moreover, quality is our key area to deliver splendid work.


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