When is the right time to start developing an eCommerce website? Well, the time is nowhere. Choose Magento 2 platform for creating an eCommerce website. Magento is one robust platform that works great for all business sizes. It’s an excellent option to start an online store by adding tons of plug-ins that suit every business requirement with ease.

The web development where Magento becomes intense worldwide offers retailers different platforms for eCommerce requirements. If you’re looking for a new entrant or a mature business, Magento developers help to create eCommerce web portals that narrow down the technology gap. Using the Magento Website Development framework, the user creates and manages an enterprise-level for any eCommerce website.

Talking about the prediction, by 2023, retail eCommerce sales can grow up to $6.5 billion worldwide. With this current pandemic situation, the behaviour of most retail shops has changed. Several offline locations have shut down, and customers have moved to online purchases. Today, people have started to shop for home essentials, groceries, clothes, and other supplies online. With this current situation, one can assume that it can no longer be changed shortly.

Now, it’s time to develop a Magento website and strengthen the position of retail businesses. Let’s jump right in.

Magento is one popular platform for eCommerce with over 250,000 merchants and is used for small, medium, and large businesses. The eCommerce platform influences the industry and helps you make a data-driven decision. Firstly, let’s understand how this platform works for you.


How to select the right Magento platform version?

As we know, Magento is mainly divided into three platform versions, and one needs to understand the difference between the versions carefully. As it will help you to know which works better for you.

  • Magento open-source
    It is a free version of Magento used by the majority of companies. One need not pay Magento to use and only needs to cover the development and hosting cost.
  • Magento commerce
    When compared to another version, it is a version that comes with additional features and official Magento support. One needs to only take care of the hosting cost and another annual cost.
  • Magento commerce cloud
    It’s a kind of cloud-based eCommerce solution that comes with all features and runs on amazon web services. One need not pay for hosting and only pay annual costs starting with $40,000.

Let’s say if you have a small to medium-size business, Magento open source works excellent for your business needs. At the same time, the platform allows adding additional features with helping modules and other extensions. On the next hand, Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud work great for large companies that can spend thousands of dollars on adding extra features and building specific tools for B2B eCommerce.


Why does one need to create an eCommerce website with Magento 2?

If you’re still confused and thinking of creating an eCommerce website, let us get into knowing a few of the features.

Built-in security
Magento takes good care of the security. The merchant accepts payments, resist hacking attacks and helps in keeping the business safe. The company releases the quality and fixes security with the best protection.

Made for eCommerce
It is well-designed, especially for an eCommerce store. There are some CMS like WooCommerce that have an only extension for WordPress. It comes with features like creating business scale for growth and building a Magento site by providing manual functionality.

If you people are confused about how to add unique and fast features, then the world of extensions is here. It helps to add solutions that add out-of-the-box functionality. Users can install extensions by adding one-step checkout, social login, advanced navigation, and features based on business needs.

One system for all business sizes
Magento platform mainly helps to scale your business with ease. If you’re looking to build a Magento website for a small scale industry, you can quickly expand it and add customized features to it.

When we see that the target audience is scattered across devices, one can create an eCommerce website. The platform comes with an optimized desktop and mobile where you don’t have to spend additional time making the website responsive.

Payments and shipping
If you have already decided to create an eCommerce website with Magento, there’s no need to worry about payment and shipping options. Magento supports various options to add payment modes. With this, the merchants get a robust eCommerce system that helps grow businesses of all sizes globally.


How to build a Magento website for various businesses?


Build Magento website for smaller business

Small business owners can create an eCommerce website using Magento. Here we have an overview of the process that helps set up the store and make it live in a few days.

  • Step 1: Find the right hosting
    We can build a Magento website by finding reliable Magento hosting in the first stage. To start with this, start your search and check the requirements. Understand the powers that one needs for good website work.
  • Step 2: Choose the domain name
    One needs to find the self-explaining domain name for your online store. If you have an offline business idea, it’s an excellent match to name it. Choose the word that is easier to remember and works better for your business.
  • Step 3: Download and then install the latest Magento version
    Once you choose your hosting and domain name, it is time to get your Magento open source as it helps to review the Magento installation roadmap. It understands where to move from and follows the guidelines step by step.
  • Step 4: Choose, install and configure the theme
    One needs to consider the appearance of the newly created Magento website. It offers the fastest way to choose and install the Magento theme. Users need to look at the dozens of themes on the Magento marketplace and find the individual developer who works great for them.

Create an eCommerce website with Magento for medium and large-sized businesses

You have a big enterprise business, and you don’t want to deal with Magento installation or build your website with Magento. Then here we have a different situation used for medium to large businesses. One must remember things when hiring Magento developers and what they need to look for the best Magento website development services.

  • Check years of market experience
    No one likes to entrust their business in the hands of a person who isn’t well-experienced. Therefore, one needs to look for a company that has been in the market for at least five years and more.
  • Check customers reviews
    Do visit the company profile and customers reviews on GoodFirms, Clutch, The Manifest, and more. Check all negative and positive reviews of the customers, which could help resolve your future problem.
  • Availability of Magento certified professionals
    We have professionals that bring the biggest value to your project. It helps to build a Magento website that offers the best possible way. It provides an excellent understanding of the principles that work and offer the best solutions.
  • Portfolio and expertise
    Once you decide, make sure you consider building a Magento website for all kinds of businesses you run. Additionally, one can look for similar projects in the portfolio with delivering a project without a hitch.
  • Price and quality ratio
    There are chances that one may choose the wrong development company and offer a costly decision for your company. One needs to hire a professional development team that saves money by adding website makeovers.

What are the steps to create a successful eCommerce website?

  • Plan and fulfill a marketing strategy
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Take care of the mobile optimization
  • Connect with shoppers
  • Offers online support
  • Providing advanced navigation
  • Offer popular payments options
  • Add a simple checkout process
  • Continue Evolving
  • Offer Incentives

Final thoughts

Starting an eCommerce business is not that easy. Therefore, to beat the tough competition, quickly adopt new trends and technology. One needs to opt for the right eCommerce tools and choose the right person that help you. One can create a Magento website that offers the best solutions for managing your site and boosting the business. If you’re seeking the best eCommerce website company, connect with us and build the best Magento eCommerce site that will help you grow your business globally. Feel free to discuss your project; we are just a click away.

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