Live streaming apps are one most effective way to connect and help viewers. It increases your fan following in the market which quickly gets popular on the internet. Unless you have a dedicated camera or a person who carries a camcorder at an event, you cannot go live. Not everyone uses free apps that allow them to watch movies, but streaming apps do. If you seek the best iPhone streaming applications, we have hand-picked iPhone streaming apps here. Let’s get started.  

Today RTMP is necessary for iOS mobile broadcasting. Adobe initially developed RTMP (real-time messaging protocols) to deliver streams to the Flash player. It’s used to stream live video and modern live streaming using server ingestion with an RTMP-enabled encoder. It’s a protocol that helps to run into when choosing a live streaming app for iPhone. It uses the necessary technology that comes identical to RTMP along with an added security layer. 

Best iPhone Streaming Apps

1) Streamago

It’s a live streaming app for both Android and iOS which enables broadcast to live stream videos to a Facebook community, friends, or entirely publicly. The live streamers send virtual gifts to viewers using real money on top of the comment section. It also comes with an intuitive search option to help users discover the most popular and trending broadcast to broaden the range. The tool does come with a handy replay feature and enables viewers to replay the live stream. One can choose the broadcast quality to low, medium, or high depending on your internet connection. 

2) StreamNow

It’s a riveting live streaming tool that allows streamers to monetize live broadcasting using a subscription business model. After you sign up for the live streaming user app, the user must pay monthly or yearly. StreamNow helps user comments that helps to improve conversion rates since the audience is informed and up-to-date. The app is used for both Android and iOS operating systems. 

3) People

It’s formerly known as A lively that’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the public exposure of posting live broadcasts to massive other social media networks. The tool works best on both iOS and Android platforms. When users download the app, they’ll need to sync the app with the existing contact list. If you’re looking for engagement with a wide range of users, then live streaming works best for you. 

4) Facebook Live

We’re aware of Facebook as it’s a social networking app that provides all services with free access. With sharing live videos with friends and another specific group, it’s possible to use the live streaming platform and start broadcasting. A Facebook live streaming allows the streamer to tap on the live button and start broadcasting. It’s easy to add filters and text in the live broadcast feed where the options allow changing the front and back camera for users to enable you to get involved in other ways. 

5) Instagram Live stories

Instagram live streaming feature launched in 2016 and currently has 500 million + active users. The live story feature helps the user to go live from any device. The streamer has to swipe over to the right in Instagram and then tap on the Live option. Similar to Facebook, Instagram live allows streamers to like and comment during the mobile live streams. As soon as the live video starts, it sends a notification to your followers.  


It’s a subsidiary app of Amazon and works for platforms like desktop, mobile, iOS, and Android. Currently, they’re processing around ten million+ users daily. The application is primarily designed and targeted for the gaming community to broadcast gameplays and watch fellow gamers signed on live streaming platforms. As soon as users sign in, they can watch editorials, gaming tournaments, and game events by video game publishers. Additionally, the premium version comes with an Amazon Prime membership. 

7) Broadcast Me

It’s a free live streaming application for Android and iOS operating systems. It’s a platform that helps the multimedia server to support real-time messaging protocol publishing to function effectively. The tool requires streamers to encode live video streams. It requires somewhat technical understanding, where it’s possible to integrate with these-platform and a whole host of other apps. However, it offers unlimited streaming, and one-time upfront payment helps you get access to these features.  

How can one choose the best live streaming platform for mobile streaming?

You’ll find a lot of streaming options available in the market today. The essential thing that one needs to consider while choosing the best live streaming app is its purpose and why you need them. Select how often you’re planning to live stream, how you’ll target your audience, how you’ll interact with other viewers as well as operating system compatibility.

Choose the best live streaming platform that makes the difference between potential reaching customers by clicking a button. Select the best streaming application that best fits your mobile live streaming needs as a part of the puzzle. The next step towards getting success involves turning the videos into digital content into business revenue with monetized paywalls and other subscriptions. 

How to turn your mobile live stream monetization into reality?

One can use an intuitive interface and easily monetize events. Since the beginning of the internet, people look for opportunities to carry out exciting things online and earn money in the process. Suppose you’re using live streaming to generate income, pick a method, and make money. Here are a few ways to generate revenue from live streaming, followed by more involved techniques. 

  • Get donations or tips from Fans.
  • Review regular payments on the streaming platform
  • Tips and regular payments via a third-party platform
  • Revenue from Ads
  • Brand deals and Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Create and sell own merch
  • Develop pay-per-view content
  • Coach/teach/offer lessons

Wrap up

So, here we end with top live iPhone streaming apps that can easily live broadcast your video and come with different features. Take your live broadcast to a new level by using the above live streaming application. If you’re looking for the best iPhone app development company or want to hire an iPhone app developer, we have a dedicated team that best suits your needs. Let’s connect and discuss your requirements for growing your business.

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