We all know that parenthood is one challenging journey, which any parents go through. It can bring stress to raise a healthy, happy, and well-balanced child. There were times when there were few resources that parents would get babysitters and daycare services. But nowadays, thanks to technology, things are getting better, especially for mothers. Now, they can get an immediate pocket-friendly application that lowers their stress level and supports them to improve the child-rearing journey. Therefore, to get all mommy stress relievers, here are a few parentings applications that can be useful for every mother.



It’s one of the essential Android applications relevant for all mothers. It provides information regarding pregnancy, health, childcare, and tracking the baby’s growth. Additionally, it includes vaccination reminders as it stores the medical documents for your kid. One more exciting feature it adds are parenting articles. Whenever you need to read them, simply click on the topic and get information regarding the topic.

Available for: Android


Cloud Baby Monitor

The baby alarm is one such thing that alerts parents that the child is awake and needs attention. Based on this feature, a cloud baby monitor was developed, which allows parents to take some time off, and in case if the kid wakes up, it gives an alert. Also, you can still watch your baby sleeping. The app features motion alerts and two-way video talk to ensure your child is sleeping safely.

Available for: Android | iOS



We understand that being a new mom comes with a lot of challenges. Today also, some women are raising their babies alone, making them feel lonely and bored. With this in mind, the Peanut app was developed. It makes you feel connected and improves your life. Using this app, one can make friends with like-minded people and share their thoughts by discussing their challenges.

Available for: Android | iOS



Every new parent very well knows how essential it is for them to capture their baby’s expression and make them memorable. The best android application can help you take an adorable picture of your kid, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining a photo album. The app offers unlimited photo storage and tips to help you create a beautiful memory.

Available for: Android | iOS


Sound Sleeper

Babies can have a different sleep pattern, especially in the first 12 months. This kind of application helps to emit white noise. The basic free version offers options like white noise music, a muted menu that ultimately does not disturb the baby. Additionally, it adds lovely features like recording and tracking baby’s sleeping and understanding their sleeping patterns. By using this app, you can spend your night peacefully.

Available for: Android | iOS


Baby Bundle App

The applications help keep track of your baby’s daily activity such as poops, sleep, and so on. Moreover, it tracks the vaccination feature and customizes your app for adding multiple babies’ details. The app comes with a breastfeeding timer and another parenting guide. With a tiny amount of fee, you can upgrade it to turn on your baby monitor. The tool is available on iTunes for free, and an upgrade can cost you a few bucks.


WebMD baby

As the name suggests, the application helps access valuable information that includes data approved by doctors. One can track health data related to your baby and offer symptoms that one needs to look at in newborns with getting caring and parenting tips. Moreover, you’ll get weekly updates for the first two years and guidelines based on your baby’s condition, age, and stage.

Available for: Android | iOS


Baby Feed Timer

The application is one excellent way to keep track of when you last feed and when the next feed is scheduled. Along with this, it holds a track of how long your baby feeds on that particular time. Moreover, one can track your baby’s bottle provides, diaper times, breast pumping sessions, and more. It’s an essential application that every mother needs to have on their phone.

Available for: iTunes| Google Play



The application helps to create a routine for your baby. It provides the option for your child to track their progress and capture their moments. It shows an interactive graph that helps see your child’s growth, including height, weight, and circumference. It offers tips and guidance for your baby to get a clear overview of their development to the parents.

Available for: Android | iOS


Milk Maid

The application is essential for a feeding mother who pumps milk for her baby. With this, you can calculate how much milk your baby has per day or throughout the week. One can also track how much milk is stored in the fridge. The app is available for iOS at three dollars. Or hire an iOS developer and build your own new mom’s application that works well for you.

Available for: iOS


Cloud Baby Monitor

One can use the application to use two iOS devices in your house, like iPhone and an iPad. If you forgot to take the baby monitoring devices, all you need is a cloud baby monitor. You only need to keep one device in your baby’s room and use its live-streaming feature. It’s one excellent application for moms on iPad and is available on iTunes at four dollars.

Available for: iTunes


Mom Maps

If you’re looking to travel with your baby, the application helps connect with all babies-friendly places in town. All mothers can look for parks, stores, restaurants, baby-friendly cafes, museums, and more such sites approved by other mothers. If you’re looking for something and find a place to visit, pin it on the map, which would help other moms. Also, you can hire app developers and develop an application similar to this by adding extra features based on your needs.

Available for: iTunes| Google Play



The baby application helps your little one meet all milestones from crawling to talking and more. It adds daily activity suggestions explicitly designed for your baby’s age for each stage to support cognitive, gross motor, sensory, speech, social-emotional, and self-care development. Using this app, you can watch your baby grow and accomplish every accomplishment they carry on their way.

Available for: iTunes| Google Play


Baby Night Light

The baby application turns the iPhone into a singing night light. Additionally, choosing from one of 14 cute animal designs, select colour with brightness level. It allows sheep or pandas to sing a baby to sleep with a sweet lullaby. It comes with getting little ones to dreamland on nights away from home.

Available for: iPhone| Google Play


To Conclude

If you’re a first-time parent, it would surely not be a picnic thing. Therefore, exercising and organizing your own time can help you add more productive and happier parents. We already have listed a few of the applications listed above and would help you navigate parenthood by making life easier. Remember that being a parent is constant learning, and you don’t have to be afraid if you feel you have done something wrong.

If you’re looking for the best android and iOS app development company, connect with us and build a great application based on your requirements. Grow your business by developing an excellent application for new moms out there. We have a fantastic app developer who can help you add the basic to complex features based on your idea. Let’s connect and discuss your requirements.

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