Why one should go with the Laravel PHP Framework? Look at all important points listed below

    • March 10, 2016
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    With the advancement in the technology, PHP has conquered the whole market with its different frameworks. As there are many PHP frameworks that are used for developing different web applications for people’s use.

    Here is the list of different PHP Frameworks:

    • Laravel
    • PHP-MVC
    • Symfony
    • Phalcon
    • Yii
    • Aura
    • FuelPHP
    • Zend Framework 2
    • CodeIgniter
    • Fat-Free
    • CakePHP
    • Slim
    • Kohana

    But among all these above-defined PHP frameworks, Laravel is the best one to pick up for developing attractive web applications. It has unique features which will make a developer create the web applications in the simplest manner.

    Laravel PHP Framework – Introduction and Existence

    Basically, Laravel is an open-source, PHP Framework which is available free. Taylor Otwell is the person who created Laravel PHP Framework whose main motive was to make the web applications that follow Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Laravel is approved and released under MIT license and its source code is hosted on GitHub. Laravel PHP Framework provides a flawless & simple experience to develop many different web applications.

    Why you should use Laravel PHP Framework? Here are some of the important reasons:

    • It provides an Easy Documentation
    • Effective Laracasts
    • It has Intuitive Syntax
    • It has Practical Application Structure
    • It can perform Artisan Code Generation
    • It can be Used Out of the Box User Model
    • It has a Blade Templating Engine
    • It supports different Products and Packages
    • Innovative Founder
    • It has made Dependency Injection much simpler
    • It has MVC, HMVC based structure
    • It contains Bundles
    • It has RESTful Routing
    • It has the Eloquent ORM
    • It has the an easy Application Logic
    • It consists of Beautiful Templating
    • Effective Migrations
    • It provides Unit Testing
    • Easy Authentication
    • Simple ACI
    • It can do automatic paging

    Choosing the Laravel Framework, developers can face a stress less experience for developing an effective web application. We all know that, developing a web application is very difficult as it require passing many different levels of hard coding. The dedicated developers can perform their work in the best ways when they will have all the easy ways to do coding having the best framework for developing the best web application.

    There are many advantages of choosing the Laravel PHP Framework; some of them are listed below;

    • Laravel is filled with various features that help developers to face a seamless web application development.
    • Laravel has the easier modular packaging system which is simple for the developers to manage different things.
    • Laravel has a query builder and Eloquent supports it for allowing enforcing constraints within many database objects.
    • Having the in build facility of auto-loading, Laravel can load the PHP class without inclusion path or manual maintenance.
    • Laravel Framework provides unit testing that makes the whole testing process accurate to avoid a single error.
    • Laravel Framework avoids HTTP GET and POST method by introducing RESTful Controllers.
    • The syntax which is used in Laravel Framework for the route declarations is similar to the syntax of Sinatra Framework.
    • Laravel Developers has full knowledge to create appropriate URI robotically with different links and existing route names.
    • Laravel consists of an incredible feature called as Migration that provides version control system at the database schemas. This helps the database schemas to note the application’s code changes and app updations.

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