Top Cross Platform Mobile App Development Framework in 2019

    • February 14, 2019
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    There has been a change in perspective as we go with technology changes in this digital world. In executing the legitimate business methodologies applications are build in versatile from work area sites, which is a most optimized plan of attack entry to contact the focused on groups of observers.

    In any case, the portable application industry is likewise experiencing a standout amongst the most aggressive stages where the choice of the correct system alongside an able stage and improvement procedure winds up essential.

    • Increased in program quality is been found persistently
    • Throughout the years changing in application is been found
    • The cross-stage application advancement has picked up force
    • App development is done in various frameworks

    Having the right technology by your side to make sure with latest solution delivered to client at right time that with a great user experience without sinking to the ocean of backlog.

    While the increase in variety provides enriched user experience and a host of other perks, it’s also amplified the noise in the world of development frameworks, making it quite dicey to choose the best-suited framework for an application development. How about we examine a portion of the famous versatile application improvement systems that will end up being a noteworthy device for the engineers in 2019 and past.


    Ionic is one of the widely used frameworks employed for the development of mobile apps.What’s more interesting to note:

    • It is free of cost
    • It is usually a client-side framework
    • Helps in building native-based apps
    • Used combination of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript
    • Wrapping Angular Framework
    • It is easily maintainable
    • It supports the latest mobile devices
    • A robust ground for the mobile app is preferred

    There is no uncertainty that it is viewed as a top amongst other resources for the improvement of the Progressive Web Apps. Ionic App Development work well with the incredible Software Development Kit, for example, the Angular. It likewise works best with PhoneGap and Cordova.


    Software Giant Microsoft introduced Xamarin, which is based in San Francisco. For making the best use of the Xamarin, the Xamarin mobile app developers must know-how to carry out the C# codebase and develop useful apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.

    • One can share codes with the help of Windows and Mac OS platforms
    • The developers can save a lot of their time
    • It can be tested on hundred of devices through cloud services
    • One of the most cost effective framework to build applications
    • Xamarin offers its interface development tools
    • Recently Xamarin entered into partnership contracts with IBM, Xoriant and Microsoft
    React Native

    It is one of the other popular cross-platform frameworks that have been launched by social media ruler "Facebook". Although it made its inception about three years ago in 2013 it has become one of the preferred choices for React Native App Development.

    • An open-source framework
    • Less Memory Usage
    • It is extremely fast as compare to other frameworks
    • Components are reusable
    • Offers a lot of Plugins
    • It is supposed to be optimal JavaScript frameworks
    • It offers with ample support to the IDEs and other tools as well
    • One can go for Web development with React Native
    Adobe PhoneGap

    Adobe’s cross-platform development offerings include PhoneGap Build, which is based in the cloud, and PhoneGap, an open source solution. PhoneGap is based on Apache Cordova.

    If there is any alternation or change in the mobile app development, you can view it instinctively with the PhoneGap.

    • With PhoneGap, develop apps in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS
    • For hybrid app, it should top your priority list
    • It can develop apps for almost all the major Operating systems
    • It offers with best-in-class
    • Freedom to the developers is provided so that they can work without any hardware restrictions
    • Leverage to add more functionality with the addition of plugins

    Flutter is Google’s free and open source mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time.

    • A popular cross-platform app development
    • It is written in the Dart language
    • It is also much easier to test your project in Flutter
    • It is one of the best suited for the development of the hybrid applications
    • It makes use of the 2D rendering engine called Skia to develop the visuals
    • No need to restart project if there is any mistake
    Corona SDK

    This free structure clobbers each other system with regards to the speed of the advancement. Application improvements executed with Corona SDK are quicker – up to multiple times quicker — than advancements worked with different systems. Best Mobile Development Framework helps to identify with exact framework for an app. One of the imperative viewpoints is that is upheld by Lua.

    • It is light-weight programming
    • It offers with speed, simplicity of use and adaptability to create applications
    • It is likewise free and backings Windows and Mac OS
    JQuery Mobile

    One can use this framework to built both mobile apps as well as websites and get extensive supports for all types of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Firefox, and Kindle etc.

    • It can run across all devices
    • It is an HTML5 based development framework
    • Faster app development as compare to other frameworks
    • One time code is needed to run the app

    You can download the jQuery version in two variants; as a customized framework or the latest stable version. This readily shows that its popularity and demand is surging higher with faster app development in combination with the plugins.

    Mobile Angular UI

    Mobile Angular UI is an open source stage and versatile Angular UI is a portable UI structure simply like jQuery Mobile. The developers can also make use of fastclick.js and overthrow.js offering a seamless experience.

    • Easy to convert web app into mobile app by CSS file
    • App will be responsive and touch-enabled
    • It is an expansion of the Bootstrap structure
    • Mobile Angular UI contains specific versatile parts like Sidebars, Navbars and more
    • Portable Angular UI depends on powerful libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js (to accomplish the better versatile experience)
    • Mobile Angular UI is totally a free framework

    It combines the implementation of the Bootstrap and Angular framework. It simplifies the process of development and you can build the apps using HTML5.

    Ending Up

    In mobile development, frameworks are the most important bouncy tools to build with top web and mobile applications for your business. As an Mobile App Development Company, we work with client-centric approach with focus as every project or app has a different requirement and so the choice of the framework must be made carefully and after discovering the other essential factors. In the year 2019, we will see the emergence of many popular frameworks considering these as a top priority list for app development.