PrestaShop, Best Platform for Developing High-Speed E-Commerce Website

    PrestaShop – Best Platform for Developing High-Speed E-Commerce Website!

    • February 12, 2016
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    E-Commerce websites are booming these days, providing greater ease for people to access various things using only one website. Online shopping has become a one-stop solution for all people for buying various belongings at one place and that too with full ease and comfort. Now, there is no need to go into a retail shop where there is too much crowd and people push each other. Rather than, it is the easy and comfortable process to do online shopping using the various E-Commerce websites.

    When you are thinking to build an online selling business for any product then many questions come to your mind, some of the questions are like;

    • Which platform should be used for building an E-Commerce website?
    • How to select the best web developer for building the website?
    • How much money will be required for the web development process?
    • How to start the E-Commerce website development process?
    • How many days will require completing the whole web development process?
    • How will you manage the whole bulk data for the huge E-Commerce?

    It's very important to choose the best platform for getting a fantastic and fast E-Commerce website. As there are plenty of platforms present in the market for E-Commerce website development but among all PrestaShop is the best one to select and build an E-Commerce website.

    PrestaShop is an open-source online solution for building online stores. Selecting it, you will able to face different beneficial features, like;

    • Catalog and Stock Management
    • Selling Downloadable Products
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Marketing
    • Comparison of Different Products
    • Payment Management
    • Comparison of Products
    • Products Shipping
    • Translations
    • Analytics
    • Reporting
    • Managing Clients Accounts
    • Managing Bulk Data of the Online Store

    Using PrestaShop for developing a unique online store, you will need huge expertise on this platform to handle the whole process. Allotting the whole work to the experienced and skillful developer, you will do the best thing for developing an E-Commerce website.

    Having the best properties and features in the advantageous open-source E-Commerce solution, PrestaShop is used widely. PrestaShop is supported by MySQL DBMS and is written in the PHP programming language. It is available in the market for free and used widely by all people.

    There are various advantages of using PrestaShop:

    • It is free of cost and open source
    • It is SEO friendly
    • It has a ‘Add to Cart’ Feature that comes inbuilt
    • It provides a simple approach to develop E-Commerce websites
    • It is Multilingual as available in many languages
    • It does not require any hard and complex servers to run
    • It is very fast
    • It has free modules
    • It has various free themes
    • It is easy to learn
    • It is a rapidly improving the platform

    AgileInfoways with a team of expert professionals have developed many different E-Commerce Websites using PrestaShop Platform. Our proficient team of dedicated developers is always ready to work on any type of project whether it is simple or complex. Our dedicated developers are sincere as well as responsible for their work. They will take full care of your project once they start to work on it and will deliver it at the given time.

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