200 Billion App Downloaded by 2019! It’s a huge number, isn’t it? This is the number of mobile applications downloaded in the year 2018-2019 globally, as stats by mindsea. The number is projected to grow every year and estimated that a nearly 45% increase will be seen by 2022.

The app development process begins with a lot of planning and the mobile app developer need to have a complete idea of what’s hoping to accomplish. If you’re looking for Mobile app development companies for the first time or you’re planning to develop the next version of your Android or iOS apps understanding the mobile app development checklist is a must. Below, we have a development checklist that’ll help you to cover all important elements required.

1. Business Objective

The very first phase adds planning apps and business strategy. Know the reason behind each application you want to build. Define your app business goals, so it will help to reach the target audience. Characterize your assumptions about the application and investigate your industry with laying out legitimately guide for advancement procedure. Check a few of the questions you need to clarify before building an app.

  • What are Business Objectives?
  • How did your brand perceive having an app?
  • Have you created a Product Roadmap?
  • Have you identified and analyzed your competition?

2. Discovery Phase of Mobile Application

In this stage, your app idea checks its viability. The discovery phase is a stage where you can analyze your targeted market and look at the similar apps along with knowing the features they have been offering to your targeted group. Based on the competitive analysis you can share a scope and be a part of the associated company. Check below question you can look out:

  • Whom do you need to target?
  • Know what your target group is facing?
  • Know who’s your app competitors?
  • List down the features your competitors are offering?
  • Get to know the monetization model the competitors use
  • Know how to free apps makes money

3. Technology Requirement

If you’re all set to understand the features then you need to add in your mobile application then understand the behavior of your targeted market. The next thing is to look at the basics of what your app would be and know the plan it offers. Check below queries to understand the phase better:

  • Will your app can work on Android?
  • Is your app for iOS or Android?
  • Do you have a Native or Hybrid app? How is it different? Native VS Hybrid
  • Is your app integrated with the device’s features?
  • Does your app need Cloud-based infrastructure?

4. User Interface Details

After you finalize the details related to the platform the app should base on, know the type it would be in. The next step is to think about its look and feel of the application. The one thing that can attract an audience and allow users to land on your page is with the help of User Interface. If you have reached this stage then here’s the checklist you should consider for designing an app.

  • Do you have a designed wireframe for your app?
  • Have you decided on the app Orientation? Landscape or Portrait?
  • Is the app ready for easy transitions from one orientation to another?
  • Finalize your app benchmarks
  • Work on the transition between screens?

5. Development Criteria

This is the phase from where your app transformation starts. From idea into an app, your application will be viewed by millions of users out there. The concept that was envisioned is now talking about the shape of an application. If you want to develop a successful application then check below points you need to cover before development begins.

  • Do you want to make an in-house application?
  • Do you have a team of experts if you’re making an in-house app?
  • Are you hiring a mobile app development company?
  • Have you set the mobile app development cost range?
  • Know how much time it would take to develop an application
  • Have you paid attention to the app’s backend development?

6. Performance Metrics

Have you decided to settle on whether to develop an app in the house or employ an external agency? This phase will decide the performance of the app and should take a respective measure for it. Check a few of the questions that will help to clear your doubts.

  • Do you know how the app behaves in case of low battery, no coverage, less space and more?
  • Does your app provide web service and have server-side components?
  • Do you get a notification for app crashes in real-time?
  • Does the app come with server-side components?

7. Security Measures

If anything that user can look beyond performance and design then that is security. Also, when thinking about security you need to consider all sensitive info that is going to be stored within the app. Discuss with your development team that mitigates the risk and saves you from any potential data breaches.

  • Do you have any secure socket layer incorporated in your project?
  • Check the control over who will have access to your app?
  • Does your app come with two authentications?
  • Will there be sub-admins added to your project?
  • Do you have an integrated payment gateway?
  • Does your app comply with various industry security standards such as HIPAA or PCI DSS?

If you have developed a mobile for monetization then it’s a great idea as your free app can help you earn money and modelize your brand. Get to know more about how you can make money from mobile applications.

8. Testing Checklist

The main goal is to create a mobile product that is new and innovative to the market. It’s imperative to understand and resolve any requirements before finalizing the development phase.

Testing the app is the last stage of the app development process. In this stage, you can measure the outcome of your app development process and envision it before it gets started. Check below points you should consider

  • Is your app performing the same on different devices?
  • Do you have a real technical team or a non-technical?
  • Is your app capable for the next device update?
  • Is your app ready to scale to the next OS update?
  • Do you have a test plan in place with a test like Unit testing, QC testing, and User Acceptance Testing?

Depending on the app you build some tests are to be carried out automated and some need manual testing. To clear this out you need a handy checklist to guide you better and help in increasing your business productivity.

A Quick Go-Through on Mobile App Development Checklist FAQ

(a) Who is your targeted audience?

Make sure your app serves the core targeted audience. Without the customer, there is no direction for understanding as your app perceived value by them. So spend time on choosing your targeted audience and create a value proposition that speaks to them.

(b) Does the world need your app?

Take time in knowing the need your app will serve to the users. Start with a strong value proposition and study your dominant competitors so your app can offer unique or different features that solve the audience’s problem.

(c) What are the pitfalls you can avoid?

  • To sound genuine you don’t need to use other robotic voices. Use your voice to grow your brand.
  • Describing benefits is nowadays not too effective to draw the attention of the users. So be specific at this time.
  • No Need to add slogans shows the best of the work you can provide to the audience.

(d) How is your app unique?

  • Every product needs to be different to be unique. Also, it’s hard to find out the uniqueness in this highly competitive market. So you need to show the audience:
  • How is your story different?
  • How are you better?
  • What insight you have that others missed?
  • How is your user experience better than others?
  • Do you need to have push notification?
  • Push notification can be great as it can increase app engagement and help to bring back the product ecosystem. On the other hand, it can be annoying too so users generally turn off. But at the early stage, it’s a nice feature to grow user base and set your app apart.

(e) What are the major functions of your app?

Developing an own app can face serious competition and can take a lot of time to stand out in the market. understanding a few basic things can help you start on the right foot. The user needs to add in App a Rich Experience, Intuitive and Easy Navigation, Seamless Checkout, Personalized Experiences, and Simplicity.

(f) How should an app be distributed?

There are various distribution methods you can follow such as Distribution during Development, Distribution for Prereleases, Distribution for In-house Enterprise, For Public App store and Application updates.

Want to understand more about technologies and how to reach customers with the highest ROI, here’s the ultimate guide to Mobile App Development only developed for you.

In Conclusion:

In the end, we can say that the decision is yours as building an app requires proper planning at all development stages or else one wrong decision will provoke irreparable damage to you.

On the other side, we help you out with real determinants for versatile advancement. Here’s the agenda to help endeavors to grow their business in the best possible way. If you’re a startup looking for tips regarding growing your business, we have a lot to share with you. Get a free estimate and make your mobile app a successful one.

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