Mobile App: A Trending Platform for Your Business Enhancement

    • September 23, 2017
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    This is a tech savvy era where setting a trend is not an easy task. The world of cell phones has been replaced with Smartphone. Smartphone’s have marked their presence everywhere and there is no stopping to the advent of trendy mobile apps. These applications have become an important part of our life and it can be said from the following data which states that the global sales of mobile phones summed up to 380 million units in just the first quarter of the year 2017 ( The reason for this high sale is due to the mobile apps that have enabled us to communicate effectively, quickly as well as manage our day to day activities in a synchronized way.

    Mobile technology especially the Mobile application development is a booming segment currently that is facilitating millions of people and businesses to make their life trouble free. When we talk about business, mobile app functions as a revenue generating tool. In today’s competitive world it is important for a businessman to stay over the competitive edge. Getting online has become a trend and a necessity for business leaders to increase the brand value, productivity and boost sales. Offering the mobile app option is one of the best ways to augment customer service level.

    data security

    With the upgradation in technology there have been various online payment modes and this has made security an essential trend in the world of mobile apps.

    The mobile app developers extensively work on project maintenance that involves in storage security, privacy enforcement, and information confidentiality. One of the major threats is the theft of personal data. The mobile application developer’s work is to create such apps keeping in mind the security, network connection privacy and data storage.

    Mobile Payments:

    Those days are gone when we would carry cash along with us; the advancement in technology has replaced it by making transactions possible via Smartphone. mCommerce is on the buzz as new payment options are being set free by brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft that has iOS, Android and Windows. Microsoft and Google have replaced Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal and so are with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

    Big Data Apps

    : It has helped entrepreneurs understand their customers’ requirements more precisely and this has been possible with the help of big data app that has transfigured the business world with its capability to trace and evaluate user data across many digital platforms devices. The constructive analysis of the data helps corporate executives and entrepreneurs make effective decisions to serve their customer’s requirement aptly.

    Smart Apps and Augmented Reality:

    Augmented reality apps are the future as they stand out the first when it comes to promotions. Besides gaming they surmount all the other areas of work. AR apps are used more by fashion, education, real estate, and retail sectors to lure their customers. The interactivity and engagement with the customers will improve sales productivity and business brand too. The glamour of augmented reality apps are also useful in location hunting, online marketing, GPS, and instant messaging as well.

    Apple iOS mobile apps:
    iOS mobile apps

    are developed using Swift programming language. Swift is an intuitive and dominating programming language for iOS.

    Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is brief yet powerful and it includes modern features that developers love. Swift code is safely designed that helps entrepreneurs use apps that run lightning-fast keeping all their data safe and secured.

    Android Instant Apps:

    Old school approach to mobile apps which involved downloading and installing freeware followed by procurement of the complete app with a license is replaced with the new trend in 2017 where instant apps are lead and promoted by Google Android Smartphone. All one requires is an Android or an iOS phone with good speed internet connection to search and play the app without installation.

    The Smartphone industry is all set to transfigure by linking direct mobile apps with direct cloud interaction. Cloud based mobile app has seen a steep rise as through this facility the phones will require less internal memory. The application covers areas such as entertainment; messaging, browsing as well as it will include smart apps that will be useful from business prospective.

    Internet is developing various paths and each path can be wisely used for improving the efficiency of any business. A business venture revolves around two things

    • Keeping your employees well-organized
    • Make sure of high online visibility of your business

    However, these two points can be taken care of with the help of a mobile app.

    Serves as a Useful Tool for Smooth Project Management:

    Entrepreneurs who hire people knows about the pains and difficulty they go through to keep them organized. Moreover, more and more people are becoming freelance workers as well as remote employees. Therefore, to organize your business projects and remote employees one may need handy tools. Mobile app gives you surplus options of free project management apps through which one can choose and improve their business outcome.

    24*7 Availability:
    24X7 support availability

    It is imperative to make your venture continuously available to both existing customers as well as new clients.
    The easiest way to do this is by communicating with them through social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Through instant messages and chat options you can stay connected and communicate in real time. Customers like this feature as it’s fast and brings immediate solution to their problem.

    Work at Ease and Anywhere Around The Globe:

    People have become more prone to Smartphone. A day without it would be like a day without sunshine. Mobile application has made things so easy for everyone that it takes a fraction of seconds to get the work done. Just a click and your work is done be it ordering your grocery from a store or doing any kind of bank transactions. All this has been made possible due to friendly mobile applications. The biggest advantage is you can get your work done at your flexible time and from anywhere.


    The prospects for mobile app seem bright, radiant and challenging with tempting and creative possibilities. Quality is the key component in the development of innovative mobile apps for mass markets. Thrilling time lies in the frenzied world of mobile app development irrespective of who you are – an entrepreneur, a quality analyst, a designer or an innovative app developer.

    This is the era of gadgets and apps, one should stay updated with the latest app to improve their ventures. Turning to mobile app just because it is trendy has no importance to it, until you use them appropriately for your business. The use of apps should add value to your management system and increase your revenues as well as enhance your overall productivity.
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