Logo Design for a Mobile Application – Crucial yet Important Task!

    • February 6, 2016
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    Designing a logo for a mobile app is a crucial task! Is it true? Yes, but the whole app logo design is very important for the more and more app visibility. You need to research in the whole market for getting perfect ideas for designing a logo. If the whole concept of app logo design goes in the right direction then it may create a huge impact on your app downloads. This reason is very important for getting the right and perfect result that is expected when someone developed their mobile app.

    Whether you are starting your business or maybe want to update the existing logo with a new design. It doesn’t matter as the whole concept of logo designing is involved with the aim to make your app rule in the market. For this particular reason, there is huge requirement to focus on the important points that will help you in making the app design best with attractive looks.

    Crafting the logo is the main need and for this necessity, logo designers are in massive demand. Going with the proficient logo designer will never make any type of mistake that may affect the whole business growing graph.

    You should research the whole market before you finalize a logo design for your mobile app. For this reason, there are many different points that you should read and understand for creating an extraordinary app design.
    Such points are described below in a vivid manner

    1. Significance of Colour:

    Color plays an important role when it comes to audience attraction. The color of the app logo is responsible for attracting people towards your app icon. It is also said that human emotions are attracted to the colors and each different color indicates a different meaning.

    Yellow is the color which is famous for instant attention gaining and this is the reason that most of the road signs have a yellow color. On the other hand, blue is also preferred by most of the company to set their logo. Blue color indicates trust and dependability which is the main thing that any user will search in the company that he is choosing. Like the PayPal, Bank of America & American Express has their logo in the blue color. So it’s totally in your hands to design the app logo and give the best color.

    2. Look for Different Logos but Don’t Copy:

    You can take a look on the design & brand of the different companies logo but never go or copying them. Learning from others logo is important as it will give you proper guidelines to follow the right path. Like, the Facebook logo is designed by Joe Kral and Peter Markatos which is now ruling the whole world, Another one is Nike logo that was created in 1971 by Caroline Davidson and is very famous in the world.

    There are plenty of such examples present in the market which shows the huge success of their logo among all people. You should take reference from such successful logo designs and try to implement the perfect logo design for your mobile app design but should never copy.

    3. Target the Audience According to your Business:

    Crafting a logo design is not a common task as it is the important task of all that will decide the scope of an app. Every single thing that you are performing in the logo designing has a proper sense & it's very important to focus on each area. It very crucial to focus on the audience needs before you make any decision regarding the app logo.

    For understanding user’s needs, you are required to research the whole market and find out the basic points that people are searching. All the companies who do a start in their business will definitely design a logo & will expect that their business to grow higher and higher.

    4. Avoid Using Complicated, Expansive and Unclear Signs in the App Logo:

    While designing the app logo it is very important to keep in mind that you are designing the logo for the mobile app which has not so large screen. So going with the large logo design or may be unclear signs may create confusion to the people. It is a very wrong estimation that is made by people that designing a complex and big logo will attract more users. Avoiding this complexity, you should go with the small, concise, and clear logo design with a unique color touch. Such pleasant look will definitely gain user’s attention and in this manner, you will get more downloads for your mobile application.

    5. Charge your App According to the Functionalities

    This is an essential phase of the whole logo designing process, as it will decide the price of an app that is going to introduce in the market. There are many different points that you should keep in your mind when you are going to make an approximation to decide the cost of an app. The price should be set according to the business plan and these things are very crucial when you are deciding the price of an app. Whether your business is large or small, after seeing all the essential points, you should come to a conclusion.

    6. Fonts for Logo

    There are hundreds of different fonts available like Times New Roman, Arial, Cosmic Sans, Monotype Corsiva, and many more. But if you are searching to provide a professional look in your logo then, in that case, you have to search for the best font type that will suit your requirements & will give the professional look.

    You should avoid the funky font style that is casual & generally used for chatting purpose. Professionalism is required when you are designing the logo for your mobile app to make it the best icon for the user’s point of view. The fonts that will grab user’s attention easily and will show full professionalism are Helvetica, Bodoni, and Gill Sans, Optima, Frutiger, Futura, Clarendon, Garamond, Optima, Membo & many more.

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