general mistakes that game developers make while developing a mobile app game

    Game Application Development – Mistakes that should avoid from the starting point

    • February 6, 2016
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    Game Application Development is a huge market and people are addicted to it more and more. This is the reason for which people are demanding new and innovative game apps that are user engaging. People who are passionate to play different games and are a game lover always look in the market for any new game app update or any new game’s introduction. Game developers are working hard to reach user’s expectations and that too with new technology and platforms.

    Tools for mobile game app development that are used by game developers to build an awesome game are as under:
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • Unity
    • App Game Kit
    • Corona SDK
    • Marmalade
    • Project Anarchy
    • WWISE
    • FMOD
    • NextPeer
    • Upsight
    • DeltaDNA
    • PowerVR Graphics SDK
    • CocoonJS
    • Haxe
    • Libgdx
    • AutoDesk
    • LUDEI

    Using the above-defined game app development tools; you can develop a promising yet cool game for game lovers. Games are developed using different technologies & different tools and the choice of technology is done according to the idea of that game. The market for a game app is growing tremendously and this is the reason for which game developers are in huge demand.

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    Let’s talk about general mistakes that game developers make while developing a mobile app game:

    Involving One or More Companies:

    It’s a very common thing when you involve one or more companies for the need for game development. Also, it always sounds good that two or more companies will help to complete the development work in a fast manner. But in the end, when the time comes to merge the code and all the stuff, at that time great confusion will occur.

    Depending upon the game nature whether it is 2D or 3D games, the whole cost will get decided in the end. The last section of merging the data will definitely create confusion and will create a mess. Just go with the one company that will perform your whole game app development work from the starting point to the end. This process will deliver the best and expected outcome in the form of a superb game.

    Fail to keep back-up of your Full Work:

    While developing a game application, there is a full requirement to write millions of code which gets stored on a hard drive. But, what will you do when something unusual or unexpected will happen where you work? For example, robbery or your hard drive will crash, fire, and any other situation. In that case, your months of hard work will get ruined in just a second.

    To avoid such a drastic situation, you will never forget to keep all the back-up of your whole work that you do on a daily basis. You can keep the back-up in your personal Iomega ZIP disk, Remote server, Tape, ROM.

    No Promotion for the Game App:

    Doing no promotion for your game app will make your app unknown in the market. If you had developed a challenging game app for people but will not do any promotion for that app then, in that case, your app will be unfamiliar with the market and people. Each and every person who uses a SmartPhone will access the internet for searching for more and more game apps for entertainment purposes. To make your app come in the first list of game apps, it will require doing promotion.

    You can do your game app promotion referring to various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person in this field of game app development there is a huge demand for the promotion of an app for more and more downloads. You can also try other marketing techniques that involve hiring some expert people who are having full expertise in doing the promotion of your app and who can manage all the online marketing work.

    Copying from other Game Applications:

    Usually, it is estimated that copying other popular game app’s designs or some features will also give your game app a booming start. But you are totally wrong in this concept as copying will always male a diverse impact on your game app. Copying others is a violation of the Intellectual property Rights and people will obviously reach the brand names, not the duplicate.

    For the starting phase, you are required to introduce something new and original which will attract people. Creating a new game app with impressive logic will definitely gain the user’s attention but for this reason, you are required to do proper promotion. Never go with the copy design for the game app development and developed your own logic for the best game app development.

    Satisfied after the Game App Development:

    After the completion of an application, people think the whole work is complete. But you are unaware of the future changes and updations which are very important to keep the game app in the top position. You must check all the reviews and ratings that users are giving to your game. Checking all the points related to your game app will help you in making the proper updations. It is very important to understand user requirements for making your game app rule the market.

    Developing Game App with Old Technology:

    It's not necessary that every person will afford the latest technology for the purpose of game app development. Using the latest trends of the market will maintain your position in the market. It is not possible for all people to use C/C++ Compiler, 3-D Modeler, or any other latest game app development technology. Keeping your up to date is very important for the success of your game app.

    Improper Testing of the Game App:

    If the testing phase for the game application will not get performed properly, then there are full chances for your game app to fail. You should perform every single phase of the game app testing that will make your game a super hit in the market.

    Testing for the game app constitutes UI/UX design, functionalities, menu structures, screen resolutions, graphics performance, responsiveness, multi-players features, securities, liabilities, social integrations, and many more. By doing full research in this manner, your game app will not crash or hand while the user will play a game. That’s why game app testing is very important and you should follow all the testing methods that are required for it.

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