8 E-Commerce Trends to watch in 2017

    • January 11, 2017
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    With the growing trends of E-Commerce, the world is getting more advanced day by day. Mobile devices are getting introduced everywhere and people are adopting these changes in their lives. Business owners are gaining huge profits with the help of different e-commerce trends. Now as the year has changed from 2016 to 2017, people’s expectations are increasing in the field of E-Commerce.

    1. Content-Oriented Selling will exceed

    Marketing or selling through content is taking the market away as content is always been a very strong point for convincing any customer. With strong content marketing, you can provide a better user experience to people who are doing online shopping. If you are aiming to attract more and more people on your website, it is highly essential to present an engaging and attractive content on your e-commerce website. In this New Year 2017, content quality will be polished more for building brand awareness.

    2. Use of Mobile Devices will continue to rise

    In a survey, it has been predicted that the use of mobile phones will continue to grow in 2017. People now have become fully addicted to their mobile devices and want to access everything from their SmartPhones only. The year 2017 will bring more mobile awareness to people and enterprises who have not yet adopted the mobile responsive website concept however they still have a chance to explore their business in this year. When it comes to E-Commerce, we all know that mobile devices are more in the picture.

    3. Unmatched Shopping Experience

    In 2017, the very first thing that will augment is the user experience of your e-commerce website. When any person visits your website, he/she gets engaged or attracted by seeing the website design. Later, other things observed by users are its features and the product listing. But the main thing which keeps them engaged is the unique and best user experience of your e-commerce website. Just stay focused and keeps your e-commerce website up-to-date in the year 2017 by adopting the new website designing trends.

    4. Payment scenario will take a new turn

    With new technology trends, different payment methods are getting introduced for the e-commerce platforms. In today’s IT world, where everyone is getting mobilized, people are adopting new online payment trends like Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Wallet and more such. In the year 2017, there is much more to see in the online payment scenario as security matters the most to people when they are doing online shopping.

    5. Rapid and Free delivery services will continue to boom

    When a person buys anything from online shopping website, the first thing they worry is about the product delivery time and home delivery charges. But with the increasing technology, in this year 2017, there is no need for people to take any kind of tension regarding online product delivery and its charges. As most of the companies are adopting quick delivery methods with no charges for home delivery. This will make user super happy and hence the E-Commerce market will continue to boom.

    8 E-Commerce Trends
    6. Expansion in Flash Sales

    The trend of flash sales will continue in the year 2017 as people of any age now prefer to buy different products from online shopping websites. With the help of flash sales, customers as well as retailers, get huge profits on their investments. The predictions say that the flash sales trend will be explored more in 2017.

    7. Customer Service will enhance more

    In online shopping, customer service plays an important role in building the brand image of your e-commerce website. Most of the online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more have the best-in-class customer service support for its buyers. Now, as the New Year 2017 has started, more e-commerce websites will take strong steps to improve their customer service support. E-commerce websites are adopting some flexible features like Live Chat, user-friendly return process for providing the top class customer service for their buyers.

    8. Image-driven shopping websites

    It is a common fact that pictures attract user attention more than the text. E-Commerce websites are adopting this new trend of adding more images on their website to attract users. A high-quality image can represent the product in the best ways on the e-commerce website. In the year 2017, online retailers will create new opportunities for getting huge profits by adding images on their website and getting more and more customers.

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