features that a person will face using the Cortana

    What Fundamental Features People Will Face On Windows 10 Platform With CORTANA?

    • April 21, 2016
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    Cortana is the digital assistance provider software that plays a vital role on the Windows 10 desktop and even on the Window based Phones for making people relaxes with their unique way of serving people. As you all are aware with the working of SIRI in an iPhone, the same way CORTANA works for the users of Windows. How is Cortana different from Siri? The answer is simple Siri works on an iPhone, iPad, but Cortana is designed for Windows based platform i.e. for both Personal Computer and SmartPhone.

    Introduction of Cortana To The World:

    Cortana was at first designed and developed by Bill Gates the CEO of the Microsoft Company. Microsoft is continuously working to get the best result in the technology field. Cortana was introduced in the market on 2-4 April in the Year 2014 which was designed by the Microsoft Build Developer at San Francisco.

    What are the features that a person will face using the Cortana? Let’s take a deep look on all the points defined below:

    1. With Cortana, you can face voice recognition as well as typing

    Using Cortana, you can face two types of commands, first is voice command and the second one is typing. For using the voice command, you are required to at first enable the “Hey Cortana” feature. Then, the feature will get activated and will work for satisfying your needs like you have to say ‘Hey Cortana’ and whatever you will say she will perform accordingly. Same works in the case of typing, when you will type your requirements, Cortana will identify your need and will provide a satisfactory solution.

    2. Ask Cortana To check the Status of Weather

    Windows 10 provides a facility to know the current weather of the city on your computer. You have to type “Weather” to get all the information related to weather of your current city as well as you can know the weather condition of any city you want.

    3. Put Reminders according to different time, people and even places

    Cortana can give you more assistance than just reminding about things. Like when you want Cortana to remind you about a meeting at some specific time or you want Cortana to remind you about buying of milk wh?n you visit that particular shop. With such unique functionality, Cortana can help you in an entire manner whenever you are not in the time to forget any single thing. Some of the example statements that people usually set as a reminder are as under.

    • Remind me to attend a meeting at 6:00 PM
    • Remind to wake up at 5:00 AM
    • Remind me to call Manager at 800 PM
    • Remind to buy a pill when I visit a medicine shop
    4. Ask Cortana for performing different calculations and conversion for getting instant and correct result

    Calculations and conversions is a tough part and needed correct output always. Cortana can help you perform various complex calculations with accurate results. You can perform different conversions like for example, you are required to convert 1 Terabyte to how many Megabytes, and you can ask Cortana to handle the conversion process correctly.

    5. Prefer Natural Language for the Searching Purpose

    Cortana understands simple natural language for searching files on your personal computer. Like when you want to search some of the old pictures on your computer then you will say Cortana “find the list of pictures from the September month”. In the same manner, you can search different documents which are saved on your personal computer.

    6. Cortana can Recognize any song that you say

    Cortana has the capability to recognize any song that you play like you have to say “which song is this?” and then using the microphone for listening to the song, Cortana will identify that particular song and let you know the information related to that particular song. Cortana works in the same way as Siri, Google Now does for identifying the song name.

    7. Phone Commands

    You can instruct Cortana to operate different phone commands for example

    • Call (person name as saved in your phone)
    • Call (person name as saved in your phone) and put the call on speaker
    • Redial the call
    • Press (number you want to press)
    8. SMS Sending Commands:

    You can send a text message to any person by saying the message to Cortana. For example, Send Text Message to (name of person save on your phone): What is the location to reach the birthday party? Like this, you can message any person without typing a single word as Cortana will do this work. Also, you can ask Cortana to show you the message that you want to read For example: Show me (name of the person) messages.

    9. Create Notes:

    You can create different notes saying to Cortana for example – Buy vegetables from the market. Cortana will save this note and will remind you at the time when you will leave for the market.

    10. Flights Tracking:

    Flight location tracking by Cortana having the flight number, you can know the number of passenger traveling in the flight. Only you have to enter the flight number in the search box of Cortana and you will get to know all the information.

    11. Know the directions:

    Cortana can show you the location map when you will ask her to show the direction of any particular area.

    12. Email sending:

    Cortana can help you with the whole email sending process as it has the built-in Mail application to perform the whole task. You have to tell Cortana to send mail to a particular person whose email id is saved in your contacts and need to say “send an email to (person’s name)”.

    13. Build Calendar Events:

    Cortana can help you with the calendar event saving need. Only you have to say ‘add a meeting at Friday 3:00 PM to calendar’ and then Cortana will save your information in the Calendar.

    14. Chat

    You can chat with Cortana and ask her whatever you like to ask for example – ask a question like “who is the first president of India?” Also, you can ask Cortana “Tell Me about Latest Technology Trends”, “Sing for me” and many such things you can ask Cortana to perform.

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