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    • August 10, 2016
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    Establishing an e-commerce store is not a complicated job in this contemporary arena as there is a large number of platforms accessible for the eCommerce development procedure. These amazing platforms convey extensive features that can add effectiveness to your online store. It also reduces the task of web developers by making it smooth for them to get on with the development procedure.

    What is Virto Commerce?

    Virto Commerce is a feature-packed open-source Asp.Net establishment that aids you to develop enterprise-level solutions very smoothly. If you want easy customization and integration, this eCommerce platform will assist you on the go. It makes utilization of standard practices for the sake of developers; so they don’t need to discover new things from the scrap. If you want to develop a B2B or B2C solution, Virto Commerce is the best platform to utilize.

    Why Virto Commerce Development?

    • Fully customizable
    • Microsoft eCommerce solution
    • An open community for developers
    • Secure and extensible solutions
    • Multi-channel, Multi-channel, Multi-currency,
    • Affluent enterprise-level functionality
    • Modern extendable architecture
    • Multiple stores, Multiple product types
    • M-commerce support
    • Different Themes
    • Order management
    • Fully Optimized for web crawlers (SEO)
    • Separate price lists, Promotions
    • Azure deployment
    • Steady as well as greatly usable with a back-end system
    • Customer Ratings & Reviews

    Virto Commerce is the most suitable approach for startups who are keen to set up an online eCommerce store to raise more rapidly in the marketplace. This platform solves a number of strong issues faced by beginners who generally have to migrate from free/hosted shopping cart software to a classy eCommerce platform in a preliminary stage.

    Here is How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform for your Online Store?

    This platform empowers customizability and offers astonishing features that allow any start-up business to build up an eCommerce solution precisely in the manner they want. The community version is accessible for this Asp.Net eCommerce platform, which is set up on Azure cloud and hence delivers fully cost-effective services for the beginners to get on with the online store development methodology.

    Virto Commerce comprises a number of key features such as,

    • It's greatly scalable as it deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It enables on-demand accessibility & great performance to its users. The platform helps smooth enhancement or addition of features/functionalities to itself as per the varying desires of the users.
    • The Asp.Net based eCommerce platform is not a strict platform like any others available in the market. It makes the task of developers easy to assimilate new features to currently existing eCommerce services. It supports flexible architecture where every single part of it can change with another or change as per needs.
    • Virto Commerce is an open-source platform and its source code is accessible for customization. It can meet all the robust requirements of a business.
    • This platform aids businesses to develop and simply deal with their essential activities such as,
      • Catalog management
      • Multiple online stores management
      • Order management
      • Properties management
      • Inventory management
      • And much more

    Management of an online business is becoming very easy with these features at the help.

    • Complete source code is available with the platform to customize anything you want or to understand the logic in better ways.
    • Virto Commerce is based on .Net 4.5 and numerous widely utilized cutting edge technologies such as,
    • Entity Framework 6
    • MVC5/Razor
    • OData
    • AngularJS
    • Workflow foundation
    • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
    • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
    • HTML5

    Understand Microsoft Technology Development Trends

    From the customizable order processing workflows to the master as well as virtual product catalogs, there is an endless listing of features that make Virto Commerce prominent from the crowd both from a website development as well as an eCommerce business viewpoint.

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