WooCommerce vs magento

    WooCommerce vs Magento – Which one is more powerful for the E-Commerce Website Development?

    • March 7, 2016
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    In today's world, people are driving more towards online services, now with the use of Smartphone; the boom of online services is reaching a peak point. Youngsters are addicted badly to phone usage and this is spreading widely in the city. The scope & use of mobile are spreading widely in the city & this is increasing the use of websites among people.

    Every single business is planning to build websites for the business promotion need. As the technology is spreading widely in the world, online store demand is mounting. But for this reason, there is a need for the best online platform that will help to build the best E-Commerce website.
    There available platforms for developing an E-Commerce site:

    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • BigCommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • 3dcart
    • Yahoo Store
    • Volusion
    • 1ShoppingCart
    • Wix
    • X-Cart Cloud
    • PinnacleCart
    • Etsy

    As there are various platforms present to use by developers for building the best E-Commerce website. But we are here to present a clean and clear comparison in-between WooCommerce and Magento Platform.


    WooCommerce is usually a plug-in which is based on WordPress and used for the purpose of building unique & attractive E-Commerce Websites. Having the best & simple features, WooCommerce has become popular in the city. WooCommerce provides full control to both people, the owner of the store & the developers.

    WooCommerce Benefits and Importance:

    • It is free to use by developers and build a fantastic online store.
    • It provides a full professional look.
    • It is safe and secured.
    • It makes easy analytics.
    • It offers great flexibility.
    • It will help you to do better content marketing.
    • It includes a lot of customizable options.
    • It is on WordPress.
    • It provides full support to the large community.
    • It gives a lot of opportunities for growing higher.
    • It allows a comprehensive store management system for the marketing and promotion need of the online business.
    • It provides plenty of options for the shipping and tax category.
    • It gives comprehensive reports.
    • It provides a fascinating experience to all customers.


    Magento Platform is written in PHP for the need of developing E-Commerce websites. It’s an open-source platform and used widely by all people for building their online stores. Magento uses MySQL and MariaDB relational DBMS system which is accessed using the PHP language, and the Zend Framework.

    Magento Profits and Significance:

    • Magento is an open-source platform and is available freely.
    • It provides greater flexibility and eases to work on different modules.
    • It provides access to different stores to use and face benefits.
    • It is customizable to use.
    • It deals with better SEO techniques which are also important for the SEO friendly website.
    • It is developers friendly.
    • It provides better ways to build a cart for the online store.
    • You can use Google services with Magento.
    • Magento will provide a better experience for mobile users.
    • Magento has an easy coding technique.
    • It provides clear and detailed reports to the clients.
    • It has no geographical constraints.
    • It provides better order management services.
    • It provides a lot of features and options for developers to use.

    The Conclusion:

    Magento is famous for providing huge accessibility for the large business that is having bigger client's management for E-Commerce web development. Magento has great scalability for handling huge projects for clients who works on high-end level IT solutions. It needs to have big budgets when you are thinking to develop an online store using the Magento Platform.

    On the other hand, WooCommerce is connected with WordPress as it acts as a plug-in. It is more selected by the people who are fresher in this field to develop online stores as it needs fewer expertise skills to finish the development process. Once the plug-in is ready, you can add as many plug-ins to it for getting a better experience and ease to create the best experience.

    From the starting point, Magento was designed and developed for the purpose of building huge online stores. As it does not have any connection with making plug-in and extension connecting to a WordPress site. WooCommerce is not a single CMS as it is a WordPress plug-in which is used for developing small & medium-sized E-Commerce Online Stores.

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