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    Why QR Codes are important for websites and to grow your online business?

    • February 22, 2016
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    Online marketing has gained a major boost up with time. There is a number of social networking sites that assist to promote different products. There are numerous persons who own smart devices but they don’t have any knowledge about QR codes. There are some smartphones which are created with the pre-installed QR scan application. In this modern world QR codes are turning into crucial marketing tools and that is why you will see these codes everywhere. It is one of the ways mobile can twist something into a big achievement.

    What is QR code?

    QR (Quick Response) codes are 2-dimensional codes which contain an ability to store huge amount of data about a business & its all sort of dealings. To interpret the content, a smartphone has a QR code scanner installed within it. These scanners come in the form of application which can be downloaded directly from the World Wide Web. When you are looking for a QR code scanner, choose the one that allows you to type as well as read different codes easily. This is the reason why mobile applications are necessary for today’s era.

    Significance of QR code

    If you want to reach out to your customers, these 2D QR codes will help you directly through the smart devices. Your customers will also able to access your online store or website with great ease. With just scanning a code, customers can get the contact information & vice versa you can also get theirs. Competition in e-business is growing day by day and making the product information available to the customers in QR codes is the best thing. It stores information such as,

    • Description of product
    • manuals of users
    • advertisement
    • information of the business card
    • Text
    • Hyperlink
    • Calendar entry
    • Email
    • Phone numbers
    • Contact entry

    There is a smart toolQRSpider that assists you to make your website ‘Mobile Aware’ by dynamically generating QR code for any page on the whole website. Your website will get a QR code integrated within less than 2 minutes because QRSpider is smart to recognize the current web page URL and make a code. There is a number of QR code scanner applications available for Apple and Android phones.

    Microsoft developed its own proprietary software to create codes known as MS tags. Not like QR codes that can be read by different readers, MS tags can be read by the Microsoft Tag Reader only. QR codes are not the only type of 2D barcode; there are different formats such as,

    • QR code
    • DataMatrix
    • ScanLife EZcode
    • Microsoft Tag

    QR codes can be attached to any print media including brochures, presentations, programs, or business cards. There is a number of business owners who add their web address on the business card. Now just think how easy it would be for consumers to learn your services or to contact you by just scanning a code immediately from the website.

    You can scan easily because there is a number of advantages of using QR codes:

    • Fully measurable
    • Deliver instant information
    • It is market-proven and ISO standard
    • Provide great versatility
    • Serve to a local audience
    • Bridge the gap between print and online media
    • Boost traffic on websites and blogs
    • Get free promotion
    • Create an email subscription list
    • Help to build community
    • Completely trackable
    • Create scannable links with visual QR codes
    • Enable you to read URLs
    • Cut cost and improve productivity

    Nowadays QR codes are deploying at various locations across the Bologna Airport. Payment tech startup Payoye has declared filing of a patent for its unique QR code-based mobile payment technology. Opera Mini adds QR code reader & generator.

    • What QR code is delivering?
    • Instant link to product details
    • Add contact information to the phone of users
    • Direct shoppers to specific offers
    • Fast registration for any event
    • Offer a coupon
    • Link to your social media accounts and videos

    Get engaged with the QR codes is one kind of inexpensive strategy of marketing. It will help you to reach out to new customers and deliver more business as well as exposure.

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