Open-source development methodologies

    Why Open-Source Technology Is Significant To Your Online Business?

    • February 22, 2016
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    Open-source development methodologies have appeared as an efficient approach to reduce development cycle time and decrease overall costs. Open-source software (OSS) has become a fundamental part of the online movement. It allows technology to go beyond the usual class boundaries. 2016 is still in its initial stages & several firms, as well as web developers, are planning to go with open source which helps to preserve relevancy.

    • Bigger companies such as Microsoft understand the advantages that come from making their software products open source.
    • Open-source allows projects to be completed more quickly and effectively as well as enables more developers to share their ideas and make changes.
    • Microsoft is continuing to make everything open source.
    • Microsoft Research has offered an exciting challenge to the students – recognize all the problems that can be addressed using Microsoft's open-source tools & have an attempt to solve them.
    • San Francisco is becoming the first city to use open source software for the election now on-wards.
    • Implement open source technology if you need unbiased Internet connectivity- TRAI tells telecos.
    • Facebook and Google make utilization of open source to recruit developers.
    • Open-source is making history through developer collaboration.

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    There is a number of plus points of an open-source technology:

    Open-source will enable to customize the program according to the needs of customers. Enterprises companies can extract the utmost advantages with open source because it is fully customizable.

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    Open-source is free to use. Users need to download it and directly make use of it. It will be also beneficial in reducing total development costs. Open source has big support of the community which comprises expert developers. They help users when any difficulty takes place while performing the development process.

    • Open-source is peer analyzed software, which leads towards more reliability.
    • It delivers stability, auditability, flexibility, moderate cost, freedom, support as well as accountability.
    • There are no issues regarding the security purpose as the source code is open to all.
    • Open-source software is much better at adhering to open standards than proprietary software.
    • Open source is not dependent on the company or any author. Even the company faces a failure; the code will exist constantly as well as being developed by its users.
    • There are some disadvantages as well such as,
    • It is not that much user-friendly as the commercial versions
    • Don’t come with the extensive support
    • Users don’t have a particular person to which they point a finger while facing a difficulties
    • Vulnerable to malicious users

    With the technology, the needs of users are also changing and they expect all the latest stuff. Open-source software allows us to change things as per the requirements. The way open-source software has been developed requires more technical know-how than business proprietary systems. You can download open-source software onto your desktop the same way you download proprietary software.

    There is a number of open-source software available in the market that helps you to leverage the best out of it.

    • Magento
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • WordPress

    These are the open-source CMS that will assist developers in enterprise app development. It will help to manage the content on websites. Other than these,

    • Zenoss
    • Mono
    • Apache
    • Sugar CRM
    • OpenSolaris
    • MySQL
    • Pentaho
    • Java

    We at AgileInfoways, serve users globally with all the open-source CMS that helps them to represent their online store amazingly. Our experienced developers have in-depth knowledge of open-source development. We are experts in extension development, ERP integration, third-party integration, migration to the mobile platform, and many more things. Come to us with your admired thoughts regarding open-source technology. We help you with the best efforts.

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