Why it’s Important To Release Free Apps On The App Store

    Why it’s Important To Release Free Apps On The App Store?

    • July 14, 2016
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    The app stores are fully loaded with applications that are free of cost to download and install. In fact, 80% of applications are free. But just because apps are free of charge doesn’t denote they cannot get profit. Obviously, free applications have massive revenue possibilities. In-app purchases and marketing of app enable app developers to make a profit off their free apps.

    When a company releases an app, the price will need to be considered. It's not always good to start an application that costs hard cash; most of the organizations are offering free applications. This will bring numerous advantages.

    The major motive to release a free application is to achieve superior access and spotlight amongst the targeted audience. If your organization is aiming to get application attention among the largest group of potential customers, Make it free of cost is exactly what you should do. There is a number of app users who are always looking for apps that are free to download and install.

    How Do Free Apps Make Money: 10 Apps Monetizing Tips

    The free application will enable us to get a number of downloads in a very short time period. This will permit an organization to grab numerous clients that may pay money for a service or product in the future. We can say that it's also a good approach to sell extra products. An application that costs nothing will attract more audiences and deliver additional publicity.

    If you want to gain revenue from your free application, you can do it with ‘In-app advertisements’. It offers different opportunities to the customers to find out new products and potentially offer helpful reviews as well. The advertisements might have the capacity to deliver the initial costs connected with the application. In-app purchases are another approach to grab profits with a free application. There is a number of advantages that appear when an organization chooses to release a free app. However, these advantages will rely upon the development stage of the organization.

    It's not at all easy to profit from the free apps you have released in the app store. Few application publishers get profited, and still, shockingly it is from a few of their applications. Pricing and evaluation for any of the apps is a race to the base and the way smartphones and tablet users making use of apps makes the ordinary standards of advertising repetitive.

    Here is A Guide to Make Money from Free Apps: Tips and Strategies

    How free applications get profits or make money than paid Applications?

    • Advertisements
    • In-App Purchases (IAP’s)
    • E-mail marketing
    • Amazon Underground for Amazon App Store
    • Subscriptions
    • CPI networks (Cost Per Install)
    • Sponsorships
    • Bundled deals
    • Freemium Up-sell
    • Upgrades
    • Affiliate Income
    • Selling Merchandise

    If we discuss the paid applications, it delivers a simple and very clear-cut way to deal with monetization. Individuals purchase the application directly from the app store and you can receive 70% of the profit in return. When it comes to free apps, the development methodology is completely diverse. The whole application will be available for free downloads. However, the developers have to think of different approaches to make a profit through it.

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    The basic advantages of free apps are,

    • More downloads
    • The expectation of Users is very low
    • Increased positive reviews
    • Number of approaches for monetization
    • It Covers the Majority of the industry

    We have applications for a number of routine assignments. The applications are drifting every day & it is important for a business to benefit from its popularity. A great many people would lean toward downloading free applications that will help them in their everyday lives. However, they have to discover the applications that are efficient, well known & afterward download those applications yourself.

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