Why Hybrid App Development is Effortless with PhoneGap? Beneath is the flooded description

    • January 11, 2016
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    The mobile industry is moving at an enormous rate. This reason demands more apps for the ease of people. Smartphones are changing the way of living, as our youth has become fully dependent on them. Developers are getting daily new challenges in mobile application development from users. Business needs promotion strategies and using the app you can make the best promotion worldwide and can make your business get ruled all over the world.

    Demand for mobile is increasing widely and this results in rapid apps development. Numerous platforms are present in the market for crafting apps whether native apps or hybrid apps. But choosing the right platform is only in your hands and because of that, you should go with the best platform that will save your time and money.

    PhoneGap arrived in the market with the open-source framework used for crafting cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. This is the easiest way to build an app that will run on all the mobile operating systems.

    PhoneGap Supports Various Platforms:

    • Apple iOS
    • Windows 8
    • BlackBerry
    • Google Android
    • Microsoft Windows Phone (7 and 8)
    • Nokia Symbian
    • Tizen
    • BADA
    • WebOS
    • Firefox OS

    PhoneGap was created by Nitobi for the purpose of mobile application development. The Framework was famous by the name Apache Cordova. But later in 2011, Adobe system buys Nitobi and introduced it with the name PhoneGap. After this acquisition, they make the PhoneGap Framework open-source in the market as an Apache Cordova’s version.

    Software programmers can build various applications for mobile devices with the Apache Cordova with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This provides complete ease to develop apps instead of being dependent on any platform-specific APIs like it is used for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many more.

    Business Benefits with the PhoneGap for the App Development Need:

    Every person dreams to face tremendous growth in their business. With mobile usage, apps development had reached a huge growth. There are plenty of Operating Systems for SmartPhones and hence various platforms for application development. If you want to explore your business in the market, you have to choose the best platform for mobile app development.

    PhoneGap has added all the possibilities and features for the flexibility of the developers to craft an incredible app that will get support on all the devices. PhoneGap is also popular as Apache Cordova. This technology is helpful for programmers to build a superfluous mobile app. And wrap it in the PhoneGap Framework which can install as a native mobile app on all the mobile device platforms. PhoneGap framework is beneficial for both business owners and for developers.

    From the business point of view, businessmen are looking to develop different unique and compatible apps for increasing their business using the PhoneGap Framework. PhoneGap Framework is a boon for app developers who are continuously searching to develop cross-platform mobile applications easily.

    Advantages of Using PhoneGap Framework:

    • No Need of any Programming Language
    • Supports all the Big Platforms
    • Supports Various APIs
    • Cross-platform App Development
    • Easy to Learn
    • Packed with Numerous Libraries
    • Easy to Install
    • Single Code based Framework
    • Fast Testing and Deployment
    • Plug-in Architecture

    Hybrid apps are More Beneficial than Native Apps:

    We all are very well aware of the market demand that starts with iPhone & ends on Android & Windows-Phone. If you are targeting the Android market, then you will need to develop a native app for Android OS, for iPhone, you will need other iOS based app and for Windows Phone, you will need another Windows OS-based app.

    So coming to the point this states that there will be the requirement for developing 3 apps for your business if you want to offer your business apps for all the devices. But this is a very expensive offer that will lead to investing a lot of money in developing different apps.

    What says if you develop only one app that will get support from all the devices. Yes, this is possible with the PhoneGap Framework to develop a hybrid app and face profit. PhoneGap will save your money as well as precious time by building the app for once and make some changes in it to get support from all the platforms.

    Of course! this is a great deal when you develop hybrid apps with the PhoneGap Framework and face huge benefits in your business. A business faces profits when the promotion strategy goes with the right flow. This is possible with the hybrid apps as they will run on all the mobile OS, Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian, and many more.

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