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    Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Travel and Hospitality Sector

    • January 9, 2017
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    The trends and technologies are gaining a huge turn in almost every field and this is making revolutionary changes in the IT world. If we talk about the travel and tourism industry, we all know that it’s an evergreen industry that will always rise. People will never stop traveling around the world and hence, changes in this industry are mandatory as visitors always want excitement in their journey.

    The world is going mobile and users are adopting SmartPhones to access their daily activities. Mobile apps have captured the market with their highly flexible and usable features. With mobile apps, you can easily access any kind of information on your SmartPhone only.

    Top travel and hospitality apps that are ruling the current market

    • Citymapper
    • Tripit
    • Time Out
    • Hopper
    • Airbnb
    • Hotel Tonight
    • TripAdvisor
    • MakeMyTrip
    • Hilton HHonors
    • Goibibo
    • Cleartrip
    • Roadtrippers
    • LoungeBuddy

    With the best travel and hospitality apps, you can find the best available hotels and book before visiting that place. Nowadays every person has a busy lifestyle and no one has much time to wait in a queue for hours. It’s always better to book the place before we visit and save your money. That’s why with the best mobile apps, you can book any hotel and explore new paths in your journey.

    Let’s see the top benefits of mobile apps in the travel and hospitality sector

    1. Online booking scenario has the boom

    In a survey, a figure has come out as 40% of online booking has increased in the last year and it will exceed in this 2017 year. Tourists are always in the search of new places and continuously searching online for getting a perfect place to visit. There is huge pressure on travel & hospitality companies to deliver the best user experience while introducing mobile apps. As the engaging and attractive mobile app will always get preference by the user as well as huge app downloads.

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    2. The world is going mobile

    The use of mobile devices will never stop and it will actually escalate at a rapid speed in the coming years. Different industry owners are adopting the trend of mobile apps for facing huge profits in their respective industry areas. The travel and hospitality industry is gaining much importance as it is adopting mobile technology for providing great ease to users who are keen to travel the world. At times it happens, people plan their journey instantly and it requires surfing the mobile apps in the respective area for finding the right place to visit and stay.

    3. Growing Trend of Mobile Commerce

    The trend of mobile commerce is growing at a non-stoppable rate as people are adopting mobile technology for accessing every possible thing. With immersive mobile commerce usage, travelers are finding new ways to conquer their dreams. People are going mobile by using more and more mobile apps for instant communication as well as instant searching and booking hotels.

    4. Building Strong Brand Loyalty

    The mobile app is highly useful for creating a huge brand for your business as well as a customer brand. You can book any hotel from your mobile phone by getting a number of lists of verified hotels. In this manner, the hotel can get huge branding and review with the help of a guest user. That’s why still you have a chance if you had not built an app for your hotel or travel industry. Boom your business using mobile apps and provide huge features and flexibilities to users from all around the world.

    5. Multi-Channel Communication Mediums

    Mobile apps always provide the best chances to create better communications ways. With the help of hotel industry-based mobile apps; you can create better communication mediums with social media connections and push notifications. The travel and hospitality industry is adopting new mobile trends for better communication ways and booking the best hotel wherever you want to travel.

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