Want To Give Your Mobile Game An Addictive Quality? Make a Move With Some Essential Tips

    • February 15, 2016
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    Mobile Games are turning into common element as individuals like to invest their time playing games on their smart devices. Whether it is the tablet or mobile, you would easily find people who are playing Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, Flappy-Bird, Temple Run, Subway Surfer and much more addictive games during their free time. It is the best option for them to keep stress away. Whether it’s a fighting games or running games, you have got each and everything on your gadget in today's lifestyle. You should simply download the free or paid version to get amused with the charm of different games.

    A 20 year old undergrad at USC is revolutionizing advertising on mobile games. Taylor Swift- an award-winning singer, musician as well as songwriter has a place in the world of mobile game. Cartoon network studios are launches original mobile game with famous animator. These all are the stuff which is getting associated with the gaming industry.

    To deliver an addictive mobile games there are some things to keep in mind while developing it.

    • Your game must follow the simplicity and convey ease of use to the player. Keeping things simple & easy-going will always make a game addictive.
    • Try to avoid long menu options because long menus will make your game confusing.
    • A simple touch or swiping experience is the thing users always need to use within the game for smooth playing.
    • Limit the number of screens, buttons as well as content into your game.
    • Keep in mind that there are number of users who are multitasking. They want to perform some other tasks while playing a game. If your game is not
    • able to switch smoothly from one activity to another activity, it’ll give bad impression on the player’s mind.
    • Make your app bug free and provide freely-flowing user interface to the player. It will leave the best impression.
    • Always keep updating your game, not with the whole layout and all, but update levels, scoring strategies as well as difficulty levels and other small stuffs.
    • Add competition to the game by integrating social media sites through which you can share your high-scores amongst your friends.
    • Make sure whenever users get involved with the game, his experience should be slightly different than the previous one.
    • Maintain quality, consistency as well as visibility.
    • Set great feedback messages when player get a success in the game. It will appreciate the player well.

    After an initial growth period, the market of mobile games now enters in a stage of maturity. The difficulties are growing in reaching out to the customers. As mobile gamers are becoming more demanding and their expectation is increasing day by day, Mobile Game development cost is also rising. Mobile Game trends for 2016 predict that the competition really heats up in the future. Mobile studios will utilize eye candy to pull in gamers.

    Mobile advertisers will collectively bargain to ensure healthy view-ability standards. Mobile gaming market will give a boost to itself as an extension of the rising Virtual Reality & augmented reality industry.

    There are number of mobile game development tools which assist game developers in the development needs such as,

    • Unreal Engine
    • Marmalade SDK
    • Corona SDK
    • Maya LT
    • Libgdx
    • NextPeer
    • WWISE
    • Agora.io
    • Upsight
    • Unity
    • App Game Kit
    • CocoonJS
    • Project Anarchy
    • FMOD Studio
    • DeltaDNA
    • Haxe

    Other than this Mobile Game Development Software, some other tools are also there which are utilized by developers according to their needs. So grab these fully-featured tools to convey exceptional games to the world.

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