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    Different Types of Web App Development

    • July 27, 2016
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    Online presence is essential in this day and age. Purchasing products, as well as services over the web, is getting more and more prominent with time. There is a number of persons who would like to use web applications compare to going through websites for their purchasing needs or to get more information. Web application development services become actually essential when an organization needs to contact more individuals in a short time period. Web app development is not restricted just to smartphones or tablets. These days applications are developed and design to run on any browser, desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

    Here are different types of web app development:

    1) Static Web Application

    If you would like to choose to go with static web application development, you must be aware that this sort of web application displays very small content as well as is not mainly flexible. The popularity of a static website is because they are efficient, very fast as well as usually free to host. Blogs, marketing websites, resumes, landing pages and documentation are all fine with static websites. It's generally developed by making use of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Ajax. Yet, animated objects like banners, videos, GIFs, etc. may also be added.

    2) Dynamic Web Application

    Dynamic websites are quite complex from a technical point of view. It is more expensive to develop initially, but it delivers plenty of advantages. It enables to simply update & include new content to the website. They usually have an administration panel known as CMS from where administrators can correct or edit the contents of applications, whether it is text or images. There are a number of programming languages that can be utilized for developing dynamic web apps. PHP and ASP are the most ordinary languages utilized for this reason. It is much more functional, easier to update as well as helps search engines to drive traffic.

    3) E-commerce Online Store

    E-commerce applications are booming all over the world. It is complex to build such an application as it comprises different payment options such as net banking, debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, or other payment methods. The developer must code for the administrator panel. It will be utilized for listing new products as well as handling orders and payments. E-commerce influences buying decisions as well as broaden your brand. With an e-commerce platform, it becomes simple for businesses to start channel-specific and particular brand e-commerce websites.

    4) Portal Web Application

    An efficient web portal is one which might represent all the respective areas. It is a sort of application in which we access numerous sections or categories through a home page. Web portal app development is a multi-dimensional procedure of proficiency as well as knowledge to assure brilliant outcomes time after time. This sort of apps comprises ample things: forums, email, chat, browsers, latest content, etc.

    5) Animated Web application

    Animation is certainly related to the ‘Flash’ technology. This aspect of programming enables the presentation of content with different and appealing animated effects. It also empowers more creative and latest designs. It is the most generally utilized technology by designers around the world. The only downside of generating animated web applications is that this kind of technology is not proper for web positioning as well as SEO optimization used as search engines can’t read correctly the information they contain.

    6) Web Apps with CMS

    Content must be constantly upgraded when it comes to web app development, so perform the installation of CMS is a serious option to consider. The admin person can utilize this CMS to apply modification and updates. WordPress is the most admired CMS. There are a number of tutorials as well as guides accessible on the web that will definitely aid you to customize it. Joomla is another CMS which has a solid community and it is very smart. Drupal is a free Software CRM. It is very adaptable & is especially suggested for creating communities. This kind of web apps is very much convenient with personal, professional, and corporate blogs, articles, news pages, etc.

    Each kind of web application has its number of strong points as well as the weak point. You will need to observe the system on cookies & strengthen the security of the application against probable hacker attacks.

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