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    The Future of Email Marketing: Everything you need to know

    • March 11, 2016
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    Email marketing is getting pretty much attention in many companies and always stays in one of the top techniques of all other digital marketing techniques today. So the cutting-edge email marketing trends are significant in this competitive tech industry. Not only email marketing strategies getting more innovative, but what customers need from an email marketing campaign is varies from time to time. Today it's all about the images that attract customers in emails & tomorrow it may be a subject line that can be appealing for customers. It would be surely attention-grabbing to recognize what current year 2016 will carry for the email marketing for better online marketing promotions.

    Understand How Email Marketing plays an effective role in Mobile App Development?

    Emails are not dead; it is very much active as well as kicking. Email marketer now on-wards cannot overlook mobile any longer. Responsive design email marketing is necessary to keep pace with the latest technology. Take a look at some anticipated trends mentioned below.

    Mobile will be the main device to read emails

    There is a high ratio of people who are using apps for emails & that ratio is surging very rapidly. In 2016 mobile access & opening of emails on mobile devices will exceed the number of desktop users by a very huge margin.

    More weight will be provided to personalization

    Recipients of emails are now interested in the messages which are addressed to their personal taste only. They don’t need extra useless emails that arrive every day in their mail inbox. So businesses need to concentrate on engaging and interactive emails in which readers can actually take interest. It will help entrepreneurs to increase their conversion rates.

    Gmail Offers Support of Style & Media Query

    Gmail webmail and Gmail App both strip out with important aspects. It includes Style support for the webmail users and CSS in the of an email by including @media queries for the app users. It will deliver a great experience for mobile as well as web users. It will deliver responsive email designs that run flexibly on any device.

    Utilization of Videos in emails

    It is very easy to embed a video into emails with the help of HTML5 compared to clicking via email. If you have a list of possible customers, send them a video; if you want to catch bass with a customer, record a personal video; if your email to-do list panic you, record a bunch of short videos.

    More use of animation in email

    People are not interested now in the traditional content marketing campaign in this world's digital arena. Animation in emails makes them attracting and entertaining. So, create animated videos that are highly effective as individuals will love to take interest in animated email. Animation is a very significant aspect which improves the importance of your content in marketing.

    The significant role of Social Media

    Different social media platforms have an ever-increasing role in today’s email marketing world. Social media is considered to be an ideal medium to create an email list. The content of emails gets better by integrating some social media content. In 2016, email marketing and social media are coming closer and becoming more connected.

    Dynamic content of the email

    Your audience expects relevant email content and with the help of dynamic content, it’s easier than ever to deliver it to your audience. Dynamic content changes with the different needs of recipients. It will ultimately help you to drive more clicks, conversions, and revenue for your business.

    Modular design email templates will help

    Implementing modular design and reusable patterns into your email design workflow can enhance the quality and consistency of what you send through email and it speeding up your daily output as well. In 2016, a modular designed template for emails will add a variety of looks with the same email content.

    Consistent tracking will be important

    Tracking complete email campaigns and adjusting consumers’ demands accordingly will be significant in 2016. In-depth knowledge of data regarding email opening, click-through rate, accessibility, and business conversion rates; all these data-driven metrics can just let you track results in detail.

    There are different email trends that will be going to die in 2016 such as:

    • Emails without the option of “Unsubscribe”
    • Email sending without targeting a specific audience
    • Subject lines that lead your mails into a spam folder
    • Emails that are not responsive
    • Emails that are not tracking the complete performance

    To succeed in 2016, your emails will need to be segmented, brief, data-based, measured with performance, designed with mobile-friendliness as well as highly focused. It is the systematic methodology that will make email marketing campaigns stand out in the market amongst all others. With the growing technology & diverse designing approaches, email marketing is now one of the rapidly transforming areas.

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