Symfony Content Management Framework

    Symfony Content Management Framework – Deliver CMS Functionalities with PHP

    • February 29, 2016
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    PHP, one of the most widely accepted platforms in each corner of the world to build websites and web applications. It comprises a number of frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend, CodeIgniter, and many more. Amongst all these, Symfony is considered to be one of the best frameworks which enable developers to add CMS functions to the apps and websites easily. It is a solid foundation for the PHP web developers as with Symfony CMF they can deliver an innovative solution to those who need content management services in their PHP apps.

    Many have confusion in choosing a CMS or a framework for the development of a new project as the features of both are necessary. Symfony Content Management Framework solves this query because it comprises everything one should need for project development. It is a bunch of PHP libraries which offer content management & empower developers to add different CMS features to their Symfony-based app. The key objective behind the development of CMF is to offer scalability and usability to the Symfony web projects.

    Drupal 8 leverages many Symfony Framework components. Both the communities are leveraging the best out of it. Website users, as well as developers, will get benefited from the speed conveyed by the Symfony PHP framework, on which Drupal 8 now depended.

    There are a number of advantages of Symfony framework such as,

    • It is well decoupled, so unit testing becomes very easy.
    • It delivers the first layer for functional testing.
    • Provides powerful, extensible toolbar and an integrated profiler for ease of Debugging.
    • Symfony2 saves your time, money, and energy to automate deployments
    • Bundles- enable to separate logics from different domains and autonomously develop every single feature of your domain.
    • Deliver 100% declarative code.
    • Improve the final developer’s productivity.
    • Create a check code that can be reused in the future.
    • Configuration is easy.
    • Comprises a wide range of command tools which are useful in project management as well as in the development process.
    • It has a larger cache system
    • Delivers flexibility that is limitless

    If you are developing big and complex websites, only PHP is not sufficient. Symfony Content Management Framework is the appropriate choice in this case. If you are a web developer then you would definitely favor working with a PHP framework that will simplify your everyday tasks and life otherwise you’ll have to write bulky code.

    In the world of Information Technology, it is pretty obvious that individuals are very much concerned about the web app’s performance after its development. Everybody knows that performance optimization is not at all an easy task but Symfony CMF is in the favor of best performance.

    Symfony framework Importance

    If we talk about Symfony framework reviews it is widely & quickly accepted by web professionals. It’s a stable environment that gets a reputation internationally. It also comprises an active community that includes - skilled developers, users, stakeholders as well as integrators. There is a number of websites and applications of different sizes and different types that rely on Symfony.

    Symfony is the framework from which we expect high speed, flexibility, components that can be re-utilized any many more. The complete version of this framework will empower you to create high-profile applications with different functionalities desired by you.

    With the latest version Symfony 3.0.0, the framework becomes more standard and the profiler became more interactive as well as useful. If Symfony is utilized, it will work strongly with every single developer to make sure every feature & functionality is being executed perfectly.

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