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    PHP-Based Mobile Application Development helps to Increase Business World Wide!

    • March 18, 2016
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    PHP is the language which is the most popular one in today’s time because of its server-side scripting nature. The invention of the PHP language was done by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. The PHP language is used for creating dynamic web applications on user demands. Developers find it easy to work on a PHP platform which gives them a lot of options for creating web applications according to their choice of programming language.

    Following are the major features of PHP:

    • PHP is trouble-free to get learned
    • PHP provides great support to work using different languages
    • PHP provides full freedom for running on various OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, UNIX
    • PHP is available free of cost
    • PHP provides full integration with MongoDB, Pusher, and Memcache
    • Various PHP Frameworks – Symfony, Aiki, Silex, Zend, Alim
    • PHP follows the object-oriented structure
    • PHP has immense scalability
    • PHP has the capability to solve problems in less time
    • PHP provides high-speed performance when it comes to web application development

    The scope of PHP has increased in such a way that it is even offering various PHP-based mobile applications. As we all know that SmartPhones are gaining momentum & people are diverting to use them for facing stress less experience with full comfort. That’s why everybody is aiming to make their business mobile-centric.

    People are accessing plenty of things using their mobile phones rather than opening a laptop or computer. But the main point lies in choosing the best platform for creating business-oriented mobile applications. In such a competitive world, PHP has gained full popularity all over the world and is used by many people for developing different mobile apps.

    How changes occurred in the technology since old times? Let’s take a look:

    • Web-based websites
    • Responsive websites
    • Dynamic websites
    • E-Commerce websites
    • Mobile websites
    • Web Applications

    Here Top Php Website Development Framework in 2019

    And Finally, Mobile Applications which are trending the most in today’s time

    Developing an app using PHP is a cost-effective method which provides a free, open-source technology for developing various applications in a simple manner. PHP has the ability to provide a platform that makes a developer create an app, test an app, and finally deployment of a mobile app.

    Importance of Zend Framework in the PHP mobile app development:

    Zend Framework is the most famous framework which is used by people when they want to create different mobile apps. Zend framework is the forerunner PHP platform which is very useful. The front-ends of a mobile app are created with the help of Zend Studio and Zend Server.

    Zend Framework provides a number of advantages for the developers creating mobile apps:

    • Zend Server Gateway provides essential programming techniques
    • Different ways for Cloud service authentication
    • Easy Filtering techniques for better web development
    • Better Validation ways for making effective web application
    • Executing business logics for embedding micro-payment gateways
    • Provides the best in-app advertising techniques that can help in more purchases
    • Zend studio 10 offers usable drag and drop functions
    • Mobile outputs using custom HTML5 and jQuery that can suit enterprise needs
    • Supreme Apache Cordova for device accessing and in-class apps

    With the Zend Framework, a developer can make usable and attractive mobile applications on demand of the business owners. PHP is helping people all the way to develop the best mobile apps that can raise the business of enterprise owners.

    There are a number of benefits when you will use PHP for mobile app development:

    • Convenient and effortless to develop a mobile app as developers are familiar with the PHP Language
    • The deployment process is very easy which includes the files to put on the webserver and this task can manage by any person
    • No need to put the app on an app store as PHP based app can be used soon after its release by accessing the defined URL on the server
    • PHP-based mobile applications are made for all types of SmartPhones as they naturally support all types of screens, resolutions, color, input methods, depths, font, and operating systems
    • Maintaining PHP-based apps is an easy task as there is no need to wait until the updated version is introduced in the market because the updations can be achieved through bug fixes
    • As PHP is open source it is available free in the market which makes the process cost-effective
    • PHP can be accessed globally by different members at free of cost which makes it a preferable choice and with the best development quality
    • PHP is a 100% secured platform having a protected architecture for web development and mobile development need. It is always safe to use PHP as the results always come in favor of a secure development process.

    Using PHP Language for Mobile Application Development is never a wrong choice as it will always deliver an effective & usable app that will satisfy all user needs. Business owners should prefer app development using PHP for gaining momentum in their business worldwide.

    We at AgileInfoways consists of an enthusiastic team of PHP developers who are experienced enough to develop mobile applications based on PHP language. Our work criteria are easy to understand by our clients as we follow a simpler app development process. Our dedicated PHP App Developers are trained to develop such apps that are profitable to business-centric people.

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