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    PHP 7 New Improved Features List with the Best Web Development Techniques

    • December 24, 2015
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    Latest Version of PHP 7 - Comes up with a new revolution for better application development, Why you should upgrade with PHP 7? Here are some points that will convince you to do so!

    PHP 7 has been released in the market a few weeks ago. The change in the version of PHP is going to make a boost in the market with its extraordinary features. Rasmus Lerdorf who is called the Father of the PHP Language said that it takes almost two years for the development of PHP 7. And this change is going to make a huge impact on the market with fascinating real-world applications. The best update in this version is done with less memory use that results to provide 100% speed for developing PHP web applications.

    We all know that PHP is the most famous and demanding Server Side Scripting Language which is used for. With the new PHP 7, you will able to face fast speed for developing real-life applications. The improvements come up with building tools for the purpose of static analysis, scalar typing, easy coding with the allow(ing) for checking your code correctness.

    New features of the PHP 7 are as under:-

    New features of the PHP 7

    1. Scalar Type Declarations:

    Coercive and Strict are two forms in the Scalar Type Declarations. Now you can use strings(string), floating-point numbers (float), integers (int), booleans (bool), etc, these parameters either Coercively or with Strictly. They will reinforce the other types which were introduced in PHP 5 i.e. interfaces, array, callable, and names.

    Scalar type declaration syntax :


    2. Null coalescing operator:

    This Null Coalescing Operator adds more ease to use a ternary in conjunction with isset(). This will return the first operand if it's present and not NULL, else it will return the second operand.

    3. Return Type Declarations:

    As there is support for argument-type declarations, PHP 7 counts full support for return-type declarations. And the whole return type declarations tell the returned values type from a function. The Types are the same that are available for both return type declarations and argument type declarations.

    4. Constant Arrays using define():

    Now with PHP 7, you can define Array constants with the define(), as in PHP 5.6 they were defined using const.

    5. Spaceship Operator:

    The use of Spaceship Operator is comprised of the comparing of two expressions. The value returns -1, 0, or 1, when the value is set like $a, is less than or equal to or greater than $b. PHP's Type Comparison Rule is used to compare values.

    6. Unicode Codepoint Escape Syntax:

    This will include the Unicode Codepoint and that too in hexadecimal form for giving the output which is codepoint in UTF-8 for a heredoc or a double-quoted string.

    7. Anonymous Classes:

    New Classes has added full support for the anonymous classes. These classes can be used for throwaway objects.

    8. iltered Unserialize():

    It provides full security for unserializing objects on any untrusted data. This enables a developer to prevent the code injections to whitelist classes.

    9. Closure::call():

    This function is used for temporarily binding an object's scope to a closure and then invoke it.

    10. IntlChar:

    This new IntlChar class is defined to expose the additional ICU functionality. This class itself defines various static methods and constants for manipulating the Unicode characters.

    11. Group use Declarations:

    With the use statement, classes, constants, and functions can be grouped together and there is no need to use namespace for doing so.

    12) Expectations:

    To the old assert(), Expectations are introduced with new enhancements. As they allow zero-cost assertions for the production code and throw custom expectations when assertions not able to do this.

    The above-described features are the technical changes that had been made to the new PHP 7 frameworks for providing more ease as compared with the previous PHP 5. By referring to this, you will get the exact idea about the changes in the code and functions that have been made.

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