iOS 9 Application Development Reviews and Features

    New iOS 9 Application Development Reviews and Features

    • June 10, 2015
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    Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2015, introduced the iOS 9 contained a whole new lot of features. Update in Apple’s mobile device applications brings in the best for current and new users of iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. Mobile App Developers can now display their skills over a better version of the older platform, here is a glimpse of the iOS 9 features!

    Device Compatibility:

    iOS 9 has overpowered the backlog of compatibility in iOS 8, From iPhone 4s to 6 plus, iPad Air, Air 2, 3rd and 4th Generation to the iPad mini and the iPod touch 5th generation is all iOS 9 friendly.

    Apple Music – the clever amusement:

    Away from the heap of mobile applications, Apple Music will provide a one-stop service to acquaint themselves with streaming music, world radio,  interconnections of musical artists and fans. Moreover, iOS 9 can smartly suggest podcasts or may recognize when the listener wishes to end the podcast.

    The Apple Pay:

    The Wallet will aid in discovering and holding various card details. Enjoy getting rewards with various companies catering reward cards and simply redeem those using Apple Pay.  Even if your phone is locked, just double-click the home button and you get easy access to your wallet.

    Notes- The Exclusive Novelty:

    Have you heard of a photo, map, or integrating URL in the “Notes”? Apple has just broadened the view considering users’ convenience. Not just adding a picture, you can even sketch it out. What matters is UX Design, and for that Apple has created an interactive toolbar.

    Maps with Serenity:

    A smoother Transit view for the maps makes navigation effortless. The surrounding shops, restaurants, and others will now be easily accessible to you through the maps.

    Personalized News:

    A home screen app introduced in iOS 9, brings you the stories you want from the top news sources.

    Yes, you as a user will be able to personalize the news you would want to read. Making you feel like you are reading a traditional newspaper, the new design increases the system interactivity.

    CarPlay Advantage:

    If an unguided media contact is supported with your car, then you can enjoy the relevant benefits too.

    CarPlay allows listening to audio messages, scrolling through, or even handling various car features by using the car manufacturer’s apps. So if you own a car-making business, go on for getting an app developed for your brand. You are going to be a hit!

    Multitasking - a new way:

    iPad grants multiple tasks on a run. Slide Overview, Split View, and Picture in a Picture are forms in a way multitasking can be seen, Opening a second app without leaving the first one is still not new, but using two apps simultaneously as a part of the Split view is a state-of-the-art.

    The Intelligent Siri:

    iOS 9 announced a proactive Siri, a smarter and faster one. Artificial Intelligence made its presence by suggesting directions, searching for photos, making reminder pop-ups, and searching for a wider range of answers. All in all, it is an enhanced version. Apps, people, places, or News, Siri is smart enough to catch it up all.

    Other Benefits:

    Lesser Battery usage

    Thereby extending an hour’s time before charging the phone. The efficiency of the prime technologies has been so improved that battery management becomes easier.

    Update Notifications

    iOS 9 doesn't restrict the phone memory to be large when in need to download any updates. Furthermore, it also allows updating when your phone is least used.

    Better Security Options

    An innovation of a 6 digit code to access the phone points towards the fact that Apple has taken a step forward for safety concerns. Over and above that, if you log in from a different browser, a verification code sent to your Apple device becomes a must so as to keep the authentication tactful.

    Android Migration

    Download the “Move to iOS” app and easily wirelessly slide your content from the Android devices to the iOS ones.

    So, when Apple has got so much to give, you can’t sit back watching the show. Accelerate your trade by iOS 9 applications development. Bring forth your business demands and drag them to the applications for this very operating system.

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