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    Most Popular Web Design Trends and Inspirations

    • September 22, 2015
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    Web designing and development is an ordinary thing if you are not aware of the modern scenario. It is essential that you associate yourself with the changing trends and demands of the market. There was a time when users wanted easy navigation from the top of the web page. People wanted to fill up the site with heavily loaded informative sections and lesser animations.

    Today, the plot is straightforward. Simplicity with Details! Beautify your site with little animations, more mobile-friendliness, and to-the-point content.

    Most Trending Right now in the Web Development industry

    • Large images
    • Lsser folds
    • More scrolling
    • Responsiveness
    • Animations
    • Multimedia
    • Single-page websites
    • Infographics
    • Parallax effects are trending.

    Let us talk about each in detail.

    We know that images communicate better than text. When you are planning to develop a website fitting into the current day trends consider integrating large images as and when necessary. Imagine your website beginning with an eye-soothing full-screen image. Will not the users be inclined towards getting deeper to search for the matter inside? Yes. They will. If you are making use of subject-relevant images, you are on the correct path.


    Next. We're into an era of mobile devices. So how can we forget mobile-friendliness? Your website must adjust to devices of varying sizes. Site responsiveness is not just the body of the page. There is much more to it. You must scrutinize all elements like the menu, images, sliders, calendars, and all others as necessary.


    Now, since you have added grand images, it is ought to take a big space of the screen, whether it is a desktop or a mobile device. So, scrolling? Yeah. It's a risk. But worth taking if you want the web page to look beautiful and convincing. The practice of folds is gone. Visitors want the content not a fixed menu taking away one forth of your screen. If you want to make it even more favorable for the viewers, provide an explicit clue. Like a move ahead key or something.

    Later, if all content is scattered over multiple pages, there is no harm from a content point of view. But when there is a question of user experience, we need to think twice now. As said earlier, Scrolling is worth an option. A Single Page site does better work as compared to multi-page sites. Why? Users simply need to scroll top-to-bottom and back to top. That is all. No messed-up data under different web pages.


    Undoubtedly Text content is well caught by the Search Engines when we are looking for optimization. But when the content describes the flow of a channel or comparisons, Infographics are much of importance. It is like an instructional image. Even that is readable by the search engines when sought via pictures. It is not just an amusement anymore. It is knowledge.

    Then you can have background videos or multimedia for user amusement. That is a thought much class and adds value.

    So, if you're on the verge of setting up a new site, well examine the aforementioned specs and then take a step further. From scratch or an upgrade to your site, your website stays in the trends so will your brand. Bethink!

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