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    Mobile Payment Options – Increasing Secure Payments On The Online Platform!

    • April 13, 2016
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    Different Payment Methods With Your Mobile Phone! Take A Look

    Paying through mobile wallets is changing the whole payment system across the world. Technology is speeding with the new trends and this is making people more advanced and updated to face all the right services. Now, with the technology expansion, the overall payment system has turned into a simple task as you can manage this with your SmartPhone.

    Below is the list of all the mobile payment methods:

    • PayPal
    • Dwolla
    • Venmo
    • Mophie + Intuit’s GoPayment Credit Card
    • TabbedOut
    • ZMAZZ
    • Bitcoin for Android
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Wallet
    • LevelUp
    • Square Order
    • Near Field Communication (NFC) Payments 
    • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Payments
    • SMS Payments
    • Softcard
    • CurrentC

    The idea of making the whole world cardless and cashless is beneficial as it reduces the chances of getting your cash stolen or carrying heavy wallets in which bulk of cash and cards are inserted. Now a day’s several mobile payment options are getting introduced by the professionals for providing people a safe and real-time payment process.

    Let’s talk about some of the most famous mobile payment options that are ruling the world:

    1. PayPal:

    PayPal is considered as the world’s largest online payment system which provides online payments with SmartPhones. The partnership of PayPal with eBay has raised its importance more across the world and now almost all the online merchants are accepting this payment route. There are a number of benefits when you go with the PayPal Payment Method;

    • Provides safety for the credit cards
    • Flexible process
    • Money Transferring without any problem
    • Provides the best discounts

    The Android PayPal Application & iOS PayPal Application provide better chances for people to access PayPal using their SmartPhones. That’s why the popularity level of PayPal Payment Method has increased a lot across the city.

    2. Apple Pay:

    Apple Pay is the new and effective payment method launch on 20th of October by the Apple Inc. Using the NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology, the services works better with the iPhone 6. If the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s users want to access Apple Pay then they are required to buy an Apple Watch. Apple Pay allows iPhone users to make mobile payment by loading their credit card details for the payment need using a wireless system called as NFC. Benefits of using Apple Pay are as under;

    • Simple and secure payment system
    • It holds the best privacy
    • It is a fully secured system that maintains overall security
    • There are no risks of the whole payment procedure

    Apple Pay is the mobile payment method which is specially developed for the Apple Users.

    3. Google Wallet:

    Google Wallet plays a huge role when it comes to paying with your Smartphone. Money transaction with the Google Wallet is very easy to use as it required to enter a pin and the whole transaction process gets completed. Google Wallet also uses wireless NFC Technology like the Apple Pay. Through your phone now you are able to do anything as there is no need to carry your wallets full of cash and cards. In such cases, there are more chances to lose your wallet or gets stolen by the thief. The important things that one must know about Google Wallet;

    • Every single person can access Google Wallet easily
    • Helps to track your purchases
    • It provides you with a physical card
    • Effective and Clear Wallet Advertising

    4. Bit-coins:

    Bitcoins are known as the digital currency that runs electronically. You can use them when you are in the need to buy anything electronically and they are decentralized. This is a better idea to do the online transaction or online payments as the whole process is safe and also there is no fear of losing your cash or getting the personal information hacked. Key points of Bit-coins are as under;

    • It provides a fast payment structure
    • It is affordable to use
    • There is no fear to face chargeback
    • Nobody can hack or steal your personal information

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