Mobile Application Porting – Leverage The Best Of Mobile Apps Market and Code Base

    • February 1, 2016
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    With an ever-changing lifestyle and easy accessibility of smart devices, mobile is no longer fame but turns into a requirement. People have realized that mobile is not a thing to talk about only, it’s a way better than this. It offers massive usability such as games, amusing applications, and many more exciting activities. All things are possible just because of the existence of different apps.

    The key purpose of app porting is to build an application on a targeted platform that acts like the original version. Suppose you are porting to an Android app. For that, you need to perform requirement gathering first, then development and design.

    Before starting with the porting, you must be wondered about some queries such as,
    • How to recognize which devices to support?
    • Which OS to support?
    • What about the differences of screen sizes?
    • Does the difference between screens sizes make affect the layout?
    • Can we adopt the User Interface?
    • How to export graphic assets?
    • How long will the port take?
    • How do we distribute builds for testing?
    • How submission to the play store work?

    The gathering of requirements is the fastest process of the porting procedure. There is no need to do big discussions, long calls, and lengthy emails as there is an application which is already existed in the market and you need to just port it simply. Developers can make use of it as a reference when they porting it on another platform.

    Porting an iOS application to an Android app is not only about translating iOS code to Android code; it requires the attention of developers and need to perform the whole procedure of development from the base. It needs specific expertise. It’s just not all about replacing a code in different languages. Configuration of hardware with the resolution of screens, layouts, processor architecture, buttons, the capacity of memory, fingerprint readers, and many more will vary from device to device. Make a choice of correct hardware is critical for app development.

    To make an app that looks nice on any device, you need to work with different sizes, fonts, margins, etc. If the layout has certain limitations, one can apply adaptive UI or alternative UI. We at AgileInfoways, deliver porting services to the clients with great accuracy.

    Here are some instructions to port your applications:

    • Don’t try to get everything in one attempt
    • Write it down whatever you have tried
    • Assess the stability and maintainability
    • Don’t feel shy to get help from others
    • Share your experience

    At AgileInfoways, designers and developers work simultaneously to convey an amazing UX and pleasing UI. We assist our admired customers to recognize the best approach that will work finest in the specific case by performing analysis on the core features of application. If an existing app makes use of customized elements and gains the user’s attention with it, we maintain it but also make sure that it will not just a copy paste.

    We have a huge team of professionals who utilize the best approaches for the testing purpose of the application. We assure our clients that major and critical bugs will be detected and get fixed without any sort of delay.

    There are several advantages to go with porting of your application from one platform to another platform such as,
    • Your application operate over more transports than before
    • The use of new interfaces makes your application more efficient
    • Give cross platform accessibility to your application
    • Leverage Existing Code Base
    • Get benefited with the advantages of emerging platforms
    • Serve your application to a large group of users
    • Improved Client Service
    • More platform helps you to generate high revenue

    You can now port applications and games into any of the platforms like android, iOS, or Windows phone devices. We have developed best designs & development solutions of porting the app in cross platform so that we can deliver greatest competitive rewards to the customers around the globe. We take pride in contributing to our clients with world-class solutions. We have each and everything you might ever call for to create with mobile applications and websites that can attack a market. Contact us for further information about our services of app porting.

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