Mobile Application Development Hidden Cost

    Mobile Application Development – What Is The Hidden Cost Behind The Whole Process?

    • May 25, 2016
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    Mobile apps are spreading their wings in the world and this is the reason that people are demanding more and more apps for making their industry more famous in the whole world. App developers are doing hard work for developing new & innovative apps. This is the reason that demand for app developers is also increasing in the market. Business owners are moving to make their business app-oriented & this change is very important for people to take their business to the next higher level.

    Here is the list of top mobile app development platforms:

    2. Mobile Roadie
    3. TheAppBuilder
    4. Good Barber
    5. Appy Pie
    6. AppMachine
    7. GameSalad
    8. BiznessApps
    9. AppMakr
    10. ShoutEm

    It's totally your business requirement that makes you choose the app development platform and on the basis of that platform, you hire the app developer. The app development company is the one that satisfied your need and helps to deliver the best-designed app. The app helps your business to face a huge profit and increases your online visibility and makes it famous globally.

    But have you ever thought about the whole app development process that what is the hidden cost that is involved in the process? Let’s take a look at all the points that will help you to clear the whole confusion that is involved with the cost of the app development process.

    1. Price Required For Keeping The App In The App Store:

    Most people are not aware of the fact that it is chargeable to keep an app in the app store. There are different charges according to the different company like Apple Company charge 99$/year and same in the case of Microsoft Company whereas Google takes $25 as a one-time charge.

    2. Set Your App Priorities And Aims:

    For the app development process, it is required to contact the app development company for giving your app development idea. The concept and idea of the app are decided by you only and app developers are the people who will execute the whole process by putting in their all efforts and logic. You have to pay the app development company for getting your app developed & designed in the best ways. The cost of the app development depends from company to company but you have to choose the best one from the market for facing all things in the right and proper manner.

    3. Charges Required To Arrive At Various Platforms:

    The price that is required for reaching different platforms differs and it totally depends on the choice of platform you are making. There are many different programming languages when you aim to develop an app targeting your business, for example – Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. If you had developed an Android-based app then definitely it will not run on any iOS device. So the cost will differ when we talk about app development according to the programming language. The cost for developing is different and designing is different so you will need to pay to both expert people.

    4. Backend Development And Web Hosting Charges:

    If you're developing an app for the first time, you might be not aware of the future cost of the app that will be required once you started. But an app development includes various stages like from the app registration process to the backup process. On the other hand, when it comes to maintaining a database for your app’s data with server maintenance then it may cost more than your budget. For maintaining the server data, it requires a monthly cost for doing web hosting as well as in the back-end development process. The actual cost is decided by seeing the amount of data that is going to be stored on the database server.

    5. Cost For The Changes Made In The Middle Of The App Development Project:

    Before the app developers start working on your app development project, they will provide you with the whole cost estimation of the project. But later than if a person wants changes or updations in the middle of the project, it will definitely charge more than the decided cost.

    6. Cost Of App Testing:

    Mobile app testing involves various stages and usually, it happens that people avoid the testing process in a deep manner and handover the app to their clients. But later when the issues in the app like its functionalities, user experience, and much more occur, then people again go for the app testing process. The cost of app testing depends on the length of the app. If you will go for the proper app testing, you will avoid future bug problems that may affect your app’s proper working.

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    7. Price Required For An App’s Marketing:

    When it comes to the marketing of an app, people usually forget about this process. But this is the most important phase of an app development procedure, as the whole app’s success depends on the right app marketing strategy. There is no use if you developed an app and it's kept with other 900000 apps in the app's store. To increase the visibility of your app in the market, it's important to perform a good marketing process. There are people who are spending more than $100000 to compete in the market and get more and more app downloads.

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