Material Design – Delivers More Possible Ways for Better User Experience

    • May 10, 2016
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    Material design is the new visual design language of Google that is a talk-of-the-town for designers right now. This is the idea of Google for Android devices which is 100% flawless, clean as well as greatly-usable. Websites highlighting material design are crawling out of the domain of Android gadgets and are appearing all over. There are number of websites which are getting benefited with the look and feel of material design.

    This conception particularly clarifies how applications for Android platform should look and how the User Interface (UI) should work. It defines number of rules and guidelines for,

    • Animation
    • Style
    • Layouts
    • Components
    • Patterns
    • Color palettes
    • Typography options

    Google’s material design is standout amongst the most powerful visual methods when it comes to design. It’s forming the way individuals see & collaborate with interfaces because of clean design and usability guidelines. The thought of layering elements in an interface is not at all new concept. However, Material design takes it a step further.

    Why material design is important?

    With new different animations and physics, designers can get number of possibilities to deliver superior user experiences to their applications.
    Material design resolves the issue of Android applications which are looking distended on bigger screen sized devices. It also makes use of Google’s typeface.

    • Material design relies on surfaces as well as shadows to deliver structure of your application.
    • It enables you to build the applications which works flexibly with cross platform.
    • It will change the way designers are designing different applications.
    • Material designs restore the UI/UX limits to early life and makes mobile app monetization less competitive for early tech adopters.
    • With material design application can adapt their content to the number of canvases and work flawlessly on each single device whether it's a wearable or a TV.
    • Users will no longer feeling like transported among two different screens but instead will be directed by self explaining stunning animations.
    • Material design framework is known for flat graphical interface as well as delivers amazing benefits for your Android App such as Branding, User engagement, Better UI/UX, Cost effectiveness and many more.

    You Tube is going to get a Look and feel of Material Design. The updated version of YouTube looks clearer than before. From uploading to signing everything has been transformed into a focus on iconography and visual elements. Google does not come out to be renovating its actual video player and content is mainly laid out exactly the same as current website. Utilization of color & a fresher look positively give YouTube a modernized look. It took almost 2 years but Google is finally testing Material design.

    Ebay 5.0 also brings material design with improved navigation and related Items. The whole application is overhauled from the main screen to the navigation drawer. Restaurant review and recommendation engine Burrp also announced the release of its new look based on the Google’s material design guidelines.

    Google is applying lighter and a less complex stylish methodology with this design language. It's consistently catching the design space with this new language. Material design UI is more interactive as well as close to the real world. Compatibility with hardware & software is guaranteed with material design and it has been built & affected with components taken from the real world.

    Material design is simple and least complex approach to achieve huge objectives in a brief span. It diminishes the overhead cost of designers as well as UX developers for multiple platforms. It is a complete one stop design solution for every platforms based on Android.

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