Manufacturing Mobile App Development

    Manufacturing Mobile App Development: All You Need to know

    • January 11, 2017
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    Every industry is going mobile with the increasing technology trends. If we talk about the manufacturing industry, it is easy to understand that it’s a vast platform which has many sectors with complex processes. In today’s time, as each and everything is adopting mobile trends, it has become an essential task to bring your industry on this platform for reaching more and more audiences.


    Now, as the year has been changed people are expecting new things from the mobile industry. In a survey, a figure has been come out which states that around 80% of industry sectors are using mobile technology for getting outstanding benefits.

    Let’s see how mobile solutions are leveraging the manufacturing industry

    1. Transparency in the order management system

    With the continuous evolvement of advanced mobility solutions, the manufacturing industry is growing beyond imagination. As the whole order management system gets clear transparency with the mobile solutions. You can get real-time updates while having some complex orders. Using effective mobile solutions, you will be able to access the entire product and order management information from anywhere in the world. This will reduce complaint calls from customers and 30% sales will increase. Mobile solutions for the manufacturing industry are making huge changes as well as adding flexible ways for people to connect in better ways.

    2. Enhanced Supplier Tracing

    The manufacturing processes are not interlinked with the quality systems in some of the cases. Using mobility solutions, you can easily track the suppliers, establish superior standards, and also you can take effective steps for improving product quality in real-time. Different manufacturers utilized data to benchmark the suppliers using the real-time tracking system. The mobility solutions are responsible for enhancing the level of the manufacturing industry as it helps a lot to take immediate actions in the processes.

    3. Managing and tracking inventory items

    Managing inventory in the manufacturing industry is a critical task. The product list is long and this is the reason that it holds a lot of complexities in managing the inventory items. But with the top mobile solutions, you can track your inventory items in real-time and keep every single update about the items. Like, you can generate production status reports, product departure, product delivered, the amount delivered, and more such information in many effectual ways. In this way, you can save a lot of money as well as your time with the best mobility solutions.

    4. Better Employee visibility

    Manufacturing is a vast industry and hence it becomes hard to keep employee work records. By using mobile applications, you can keep an eye on all the employees in a real-time scenario. Also, you can track which employee is working where and for what time he has been working and when he left for the day. With GPS, you can track workers for knowing their exact locations and the exact work they are doing in real-time.

    5. Accurate Information

    Earlier employee output tracking was a complex task but as technology grows, the trend of mobile apps boom in almost every sector. Tracking employee productivity was very difficult in the old times as everything was managed on paper. Usually, paperwork holds no security as there is always a fear to lose important and sensitive papers.

    With mobile apps, the whole scenario of the manufacturing industry changed. You can maintain employee productivity records by using the best mobile apps in real-time. Computer-generated calculations are always perfect and have no risk of wrong data. Hence, using mobile apps for managing employee information is always a beneficial task to maintain accuracy in all the data.

    6. On-Demand Data

    With the ever-escalating market of mobile applications, it has become an easy task to manage the bulk of data. Using different file storage apps like Dropbox and Evernote, you can manage your massive data in a proper and secure manner. In the manufacturing industry, the requirement of data storing apps is required more and hence mobile apps play a vital role in this sector.

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