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    Make your mobile app rule the marketplace by introducing new updates for it!

    • December 25, 2015
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    Thinking about increasing the huge number of downloads for your mobile app is an obvious thing that every app owner will do. But if you want to conquer the market with your app, that you will need to focus on some points. If you will not entertain the user giving the updated versions, then he will get bored and may take steps to delete your application hence decreasing the download rate. Keep users happy and involved by inserting new features in the mobile application. This will save your app's reputation from being neglected. Make extra efforts for delivering the best updates in the application for the user's requirement.

    This blog represents major highlights that you should follow to maintain your app's image in the eyes of users.

    Make the user busy with updated versions of your app:

    Keeping users engaged with the new features and updated versions will make huge sense in terms of app popularity. Once the user is convinced with the app quality and innovations he will definitely recommend it to many other people. This directly results in to increase in the download number of the mobile application. Nothing is permanent in this ever-changing technology era, as daily updated versions are arriving in the market. That’s why introducing updated versions will help you make the application more convenient for users to use. All this is required to do for making the position in the market and getting positive feedback.

    When it comes to updating an app, it's all about adding the new things that the previous version lacks. Also, it is about fixing bugs that you get to know by reviewing the comments of users. Don’t get overexcited in updating the apps continuously and try to release new versions after a definite period of time. Make full concentration on the user and satisfy their needs for new application functionalities with a unique touch.

    Updating apps version makes better effect than Application Store Optimization:

    App store optimization is useful for keeping the app rank higher like the work done by SEO for website higher ranking. But whenever an application gets updated then it spreads more effectiveness than the ASO does. The reason behind such happening is noted from the iOS6 version which when gets updated spreads uniqueness and flexibility for users. Users are continuously looking for updated versions for the improvisation of existing apps with the latest technology and features. When you will do so users will feel good and it will maintain the good image of your mobile application in the marketplace.

    Right platform for introducing your updates:

    It's not that important to release the bug-fixing updates in a huge manner rather than do it on a slow count. On the other hand, if it's about introducing new features and app updated features, it sounds like a great promotion strategy. This is the time when you will get a chance to interact with your users and get their feedback for more improvements. In this way with a new release, you can make new clients.

    You can make mobile application promotion using Facebook and Twitter account by giving a link on them. If someone will gain interest then he will definitely click on the link for seeing the details. It is beneficial for you to start the app promotion before its release in the market. This will make curiosity among people about the app and then they will surely download it for getting a full overview of the mobile application.

    Do application promotion on a huge level:

    Promoting an application is the best way to get more audience for more downloading. If you have writing experience and have blogs, then don't waste a single minute and publish some information as well as useful information about your app release. Make sure to write in a proper manner as if not represented properly may lead to face huge loss by losing a number of clients.

    If you have ever heard any complain or betterment demands in the mobile application from any of your users, then make sure to inform that user about the updated version of the app. This will also represent that you value all your clients and their opinion matters to you. Doing all the important things in the favor of users' demands will give more chances for your app to live in the market for a long time making the right impression.

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