Magento Developer Hiring Guide

    Magento Developer Hiring Guide

    • May 13, 2021
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    Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform. It's used for developing any website. If you’ve worked with Magento and built an online store, then it’s an easy task for you. Also, managing an e-store is not an easy task. One needs to hire a Magento developer to make things simple to use.

    Market size and Statistics Magento Covers

    • Magento grows three times faster in comparison to other technologies and frameworks.
    • In 2019, it was recorded that Magento utilizes nearly 237900 + websites.
    • It powers 1.2% of the web, with nearly 250,00 dynamic websites using Magento.
    • Magento is a most utilized framework with over 1000 retailers like Adidas and Walmart.
    • Magento is the 7th most CMS around the world. Also, it's the 2nd most utilized eCommerce CMS after Shopify.
    • Magento 2.3.2 was introduced in June 2019, where old users considered a move to Magento 2.3, and a new update was made for Magento 1.X in June 2020. 

    What are the reasons to pick Magento for doing business?

    • Open Source
    • Dedicated Community Forum
    • Offers Great Support
    • Perfect eCommerce tool
    • Excellent Performance
    • Multiple Tasks at same Time
    • Easy Integration
    • Mobile Experience
    • Adaptability

    Why Hire Magento Developer, and what are the steps to hire Magento Developer?

    Hire a Magento developer to do complex tasks with ease. One needs to find the right place to hire Magento developers by taking the proper steps to recruit them. Here we have listed some essential information about the following above topic:

    Steps to Hire Magento Developer

    Steps to Hire Magento Developer
    • Understand the importance of hiring a Magento Developer
    • Discuss your Requirements
    • Choose the best Magento Developer
    • Check the skills you need for hiring a Magento developer
    • Use social media platform to hire Magento developer
    Let’s understand each point in brief:

    1) Understand the importance of hiring a Magento Developer

    Before hiring a Magento developer, one needs to take care of its importance. As Magento is a complex tool, one needs to have basic technical knowledge. If you don’t have that Knowledge, then hire a certified developer to run a business website. Check the benefits of hiring a Magento developer:

    • If you hire a professional developer for your Magento site, there’s no need to spend valuable time coding and finding technical gigs. Choose an experienced developer that maintains your website and saves your time with ease.
    • Hire a certified Magento developer that helps with PSD and HTML theme customization. One can learn several things from the developer that are easy to access. Also, one can get full technical assistance from a Magento developer.
    • Suppose you’re planning to develop an eCommerce store then adding unique features. Ask your developer to change the areas by enhancing the chance of the site instantly. Modify your website as per your requirement by improving visibility.
    • Increase your ROI and attract potential customers by developing your website. Check the backend issues of your site based on its transparent appearance. Hire Magento developers and maintain the developer by helping to rank search engines.

    2) Discuss your Requirements

    One can easily find developers online and check specialization to choose the best expert. If you’re still not clear about your project, then you cannot explain your Magento developer. Therefore, it’s better to know a few things and make a business layout to grow your business.

    • Front-end developer

    Here, a developer can design a site by adding essential elements like change in color, theme, navigation, layout, etc. Any Front-end Magento developer needs to have knowledge of HTML, PHP, APIs, CSS, and Magento CMS.  

    • Backend developer

    One can hire a backend developer to carry out work with maintaining a central database and create a mobile app for your business.

    3) Choose the best Magento Developer

    • Rating and Review

    Before hiring a Magento developer, check for rating and review. For that, you can visit the website and social media pages to know the company better.

    • References

    References are mainly used to choose a trustworthy developer for doing business. Users can ask their relatives, friends, and connections for reference and evaluate their work to select the best one.

    • Portfolio

    Before hiring a Magento developer, check the portfolio. Check the number of projects, design, experience level, framework, proficiency, and certification they have. At this time, all developers have their portfolio or website to check before hiring.

    • Availability

    If you’re looking for a Magento developer to do a specific task, you need to check the availability. This is because you don’t have to wait long for the response and check their communication system before hiring. Connect with them through social pages, or else contact them via mail or phone.

    • Project Details

    It’s one of the crucial steps where one needs to share the business requirement with the developer. Understand your needs well and request your developer to make changes accordingly. Add a deadline so you can finish your e-Commercial website on Time.

    4) Check the skills your Magento Developer needs

    Before you hire a Magento developer, check the skills you need to understand.

    • Development Skills

    Any certified developers have an ample amount of KnowledgeKnowledge to create an effective online website. For that, one needs to have enough knowledge of Magento development, custom eCommerce platform, theme design, shopping cart, and other custom extension development.

    • Industry Knowledge

    It’s one of the essential skills needed to work on your online business. Check the previous work portfolio and hire the best Magento developer who is capable of handling new challenges.

    • Professional

    No one likes to be unprofessional, so before hiring the developer, make sure that the development agency is professional. Hire an experienced developer who can make your work easier.

    • Creativity

    If you’re hiring a front-end developer, then you must check their creative skills. The creative ideas make your site unique and innovative. Make your online store versatile by choosing a creative mind.  

    • Pressure Handling

    Any professional Magento Development company can handle different types of projects within the given time frame. Choose the agency that can work within the timeline with the best possible design.

    5) Use Social Media Platform to hire a Magento Developer

    One can look for an online platform and check their portfolio, customer review, and previous work on their social media pages. A few of the pages are:

    • Facebook

    Understand the requirement of business and post it on various Facebook groups with your friends and acquaintances. It helps you choose the best Magento developer and in searching for different Magento developers.

    • Twitter

    Twitter is one of the most excellent platforms that help to search for the best Magento Developers. One needs to tweet the need using hashtags to find a developer for your e-store site.

    • LinkedIn

    It’s a platform from which you can search people listed as Magento developers and check their portfolios and profiles. It’s one of the best professionals and trusted platforms to find expert developers with a specific project.

    At Agile Infoways, we have professional Magento developers that provide theme design, Magento marketing, extension development, and data migration. If you’re looking to hire a Magneto developer, then we are an obvious choice for you. 

    Our Magento developer is selected based on a strict screening process. We have the best developers who have relevant experience with excellent knowledge of the technology. Let’s discuss your requirements in detail, connect with our team and get the best solution that best fits your business needs.

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