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    Looking to Shrink Your Mobile App Development Cycle?

    • August 20, 2016
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    It’s undeniable that mobile applications have an immense effect on our physical world whether we are requesting a ride, booking a place to stay, or anything else. Its usage is rising every single day. All credit goes to exceptional updates happening constantly in mobile device abilities. Each mobile app is designed and developed by making use of the best development strategy in mind. The applications you are utilizing are generated as a result of a particular mobile app development life cycle. To help you keep pace with the rapid speed of mobile, here are some steps that might aid you to shorten your Mobile App Development Cycle without losing your mind.

    • You need to manage the speed of updates taking place in the technology. When you factor in OS updates and accommodating new mobile features to keep pace, your organization needs to release app updates 10 times per year. The organization has to inspect the structure of the team as well as different procedures and optimize everything around velocity.
    • For frequent releases, you have to put down all the old notions of the development lifecycle & look for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) philosophy. Recognize the nominal growth of precious functionality and get it into the hands of your admired users as soon as possible. It will enable you to tie together the real response to enhance your application speedily. You will be more positive that whatever you are making is the right thing.
    • You need to get superior insight with the analytics as it aids you to shorten the feedback loop from real-time users. It will proactively see and address problems before your users vote from their side. Analytics can also bow you with the hard data you want to know precisely how you should enhance the quality of your applications.
    • Measuring the right things will help your mobile app to trim its development time. You need to analyze,
      • Total installations of the app
      • Number of Opt-ins
      • Every single session and its length
      • Number of active users
      • Bounce ratio

    If you measure everything properly, you will be able to make data-driven decisions.

    • A solid API strategy will aid you to protect your systems of record from your rapidly changing client applications, which enables each to be updated at their own pace. Strategy is about creating an easy approach to make mobile-optimized APIs to get simple accessibility of data and quick cycles. Mobile-optimized APIs help your teams to spend less time worrying about the measurement of the systems, and more time focusing their efforts on offering an enormous user experience.

    Mobile Apps guarantee a personalized, secure, and reliable interface between the consumer and the service provider. Building a culture and set of processes that are fundamentally mobile-first is the key to moving at the speed of mobile. A structured and precise app development process is all you need which delivers benefits such as fulfill user expectations, get everything right the first time, manage all the expectations of IT staff, and many more.

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