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    Is it beneficial to test your mobile app fully before launching it?

    • January 1, 2016
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    In the latest technology world, the race among all people is increasing as new apps and technology are being introduced on a daily basis. When you are in the stage of releasing your app, in that case before releasing it on the market, you should test the app.

    The reason for this testing is that, if a user found your app unattractive or even some function will not work on it, then the user will delete it on the spot. In this way, you will face a great fall in your project on the first day of its introduction in the market.

    Add a testing touch in the process

    It's very exciting when you are in the phase when you are going to launch the app on which you were for the last few months. Before you launch the app, you should at first make sure to test it in a full detailed manner. If the launched date is fixed from your side then before that you should take some days time to test your app.

    What will be your testing procedure?

    Not a single point should be left while testing the app. Each and every minute thing you should check in a detailed manner. You should check whether all things are working in a proper manner or not. Check the app with a focused eye that will detect every single problem in a minute.

    The main questions that you should ask in the testing process

    For the form:

    • User filling forms are working properly or not?
    • User information is submitted correctly or not and is it saved in the safe database or not?
    • The user gets the right redirection to the right place or not?

    For navigation, buttons, and settings:

    • Does the button respond correctly when a user presses it? You can lose a user if he is continuously pressing the button and it is not responding?
    • Do the settings apply when a user wants to change it in their app?
    • Does the applied setting remain the same till he login next time?

    Fragmentation of device:

    • How your app will look on different devices that are famous? It is important for you to know that all the features of an app change on different devices.
    • For this cause, a device emulator is the best option for knowing the app look on the different platforms.

    All these things that you need to do in the testing process before the launching of your app make great sense, as they can reduce the negative impact on the user. This does not give any guarantee for making a successful hit app, but will also help to increase the number of users.

    The experienced app developers at AgileInfoways have the capability to handle all these things that are related to testing. They will never leave a single point that may affect the app's image after launching it in the market. We can provide you with successful app delivery doing all the things in the proper manner including the testing process.

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