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    • September 22, 2015
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    12th of September Apple Inc. launched the advanced Operating System version. We had talked about the new iOS features few months back when iOS 9 was just launched.

    Today, instead of simply talking about some added features, we would have an in-depth discussion about an extra ordinary application by Apple – The News application. We’ve got a totally new app on hand and that is “News” with extreme personalization. Let’s have a quick review about the app and its modules. Here we go!


    Select a genre for what type of news would you like to read. Top of the section you get to view the suggested channels and later the list of categories. Choose one and you’ll get to read stories only form the subjects you want to. The chosen category gets added to “Favorites” section.



    Yes, once you have sorted the groups, you get it in here. Disable the ones you wouldn’t want to get notified about anymore. Keep adding new ones and the grid gets larger.

    For you

    Here we are. The stories are the news “For You”. The real content of the application gets into the “For You” section. It displays the focal point of the app only from the channel you have opted for. Get deeper into the news, tap over one and you get the detailed news.

    Read it, like it or save it for future reading.

    Detailed Story / News

    Picking the news you want to read form the available list, you are catered with the news at length. While reading the stories you may find a class of content you might admire, a publication you may find worth re-reading, share it with friends or simply mark it as "liked".

    The bottom of display screen gives 3 options. "Share", "Like" and "Save".

    • share allows the user to share via message, mail or over Social Media.
    • Like shows a red heart by the side of the news highlight in the "For You" section.
    • Last comes the "Save" option where in the users can save the article.



    Saw a good highlight? Currently haven’t got time to read one? Apple understands all your needs.

    The "News" application provides you with a “Save” option that will help you save an article for further reading. Tap over the icon and when you are available to read, just go to the “saved” tab and you’ll have all the saved news to enjoy or yell at.

    In case you would want to delete a few or all, you are free to do so. By the side of saved stories, you have got the "History" section which would draft all the news you have previously read.

    Now, why are we talking about the Apple app in this detail? Yes it’ll benefit the users to have a personalized reading list. Undoubtedly! But what apart from that?

    When you would want your app to use this apple service, we’ll be there for you. Come along with your ideas and we, AgileInfoways, will execute your fancies.

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