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    How to Improve Customer Engagement for Driving eCommerce Sales?

    • April 24, 2017
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    It is always said that customers are first priority. When you are thinking to start an e-commerce business then you must think according to the user’s choice. Customers are the ones who will visit your site and perform shopping that will ultimately boost your e-commerce sales and business revenues. Whenever you are building an e-commerce store, the most important thing is to focus on customer engagement. Living in the modern era requires proper knowledge of current market trends. By moving your business with the latest trend, you will get the best profit in your business area.

    The most important thing is to develop a website or an app for building your effective online presence. By doing this, you can reach millions and billions of audiences from all over the world. Your work didn’t complete just by developing a website as it will require proper marketing strategies for getting more and more audience on the site. Customer engagement is the most important aspect to focus on when we are talking about the e-commerce industry. Focus on all kinds of customer engagement techniques for getting higher traffic on your website.

    Here are some tricks to improve customer engagement on your e-commerce website

    1. Using Social Media Platforms

    We all know that the scope and reach of social media are escalating like never before. Entrepreneurs aiming to increase their business are focusing on all types of social media platforms to improve customer engagements. With different social media platforms, you can increase your business reach. By sharing effective content and images on social media platforms, you can grab customers’ attention. For an entrepreneur, the win-win situation is that when there is a lot of traffic on the e-commerce site. This is possible by keeping customers engaged with the help of social media platforms.

    2. Using a Blog Page on your E-Commerce site

    Blog Page on your E-Commerce site

    If you don’t have a blog page on your e-commerce website, you are lacking in the market. Nowadays people get connected by reading different blogs which are posted on your site. With the help of informative as well as knowledgeable blogs, you can get massive traffic on your e-commerce website. This is the best scenario when you can really get good profits and business revenues for your business. You are just required to target the right kind of audience on your website and then you can see positive results and great customer engagements.

    3. By walking in the customer’s shoes

    In the e-commerce industry, the most difficult task is to analyze user behavior when he reaches the website. For judging customers’ minds, you have to walk in the shoes of your customers. You will never get a proper sense of customer mind until you shop like them from the website. When a user visits your e-commerce website, he/she searches for smooth navigation and some engaging yet personal message. By following this strategy, you can win customers’ hearts as well as will able to maintain a retention rate for that person. All these tricks are very helpful for increasing customer engagement in your e-store.

    4. Getting reviews from the customers

    reviews from the customers

    If you are having an e-commerce site, customer review is the best way to improve customer engagement on your e-store. Build such a website which is simply amazing and attractive that will drive users to add good reviews. With customer reviews, you can enhance the reputation of your e-commerce website in the eyes of other customers who are having confusing thoughts about your website. By using different types of review forms like product ratings, testimonials, forums/blogs, you can attract more and more customers to your website. By doing all such activities, you can increase your e-commerce sales as well as improve your search engine rankings.

    5. Add a Live Chat Option

    Live Chat Option

    By adding a live chat option on your e-store, you will make a flexible reach for users to contact and clear their queries. Live chat can boost your sales by 25% and it is expected that this figure will increase in the coming years. At times it happens that a person surfing your e-commerce website didn’t get a satisfactory answer from the product’s label and want some superior assistance. In such cases, by adding a live chat option on the e-commerce store, you can get instant and satisfactory answers for your confusion regarding the product. This will make the customer happy as by clearing all the confusion, he will able to continue his shopping.


    If you are thinking to get good profits and increased business sales, it is a highly essential task to focus on customer engagements. In today’s time where technology is becoming everything for a person, it is important to develop a user-friendly e-commerce website/app that calls for huge traffic.

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