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    Importance of Web and Mobile Applications Real Estate Industry – Future Technology Trends

    • September 30, 2015
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    People are moving towards the World Wide Web.

    Ample of sites for Social Media, Clothing E-commerce, Online Gaming, and others are being developed each day. Then why should the REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY lag behind?

    Yes, we can't deny the traditional systems of marketing like business cards, brochures, financing, etc. but we can also not overlook the present scenario. A property website for a private business is a must. If not that, one can benefit society and thereby benefit the self by creating a common platform for the proprietors, the buyers, or the mediators. A directory search for the property trade is where a vast range of people can meet each other and get to know about the estate listed.

    As a perfect base for your business to grow, create an individually owned Real Estate website with property listing. Reach to different markets and possible audiences. Connect with more and more people and expand your business. Now, once you have decided to get on developed for yourself, do consider the following specs well:

    Beautiful Landing Page:

    This is the start. And as we all know, First impression matters! Welcome your users giving a pleasant look and feel on the commencement itself.

    Responsive Design:

    Mobile-friendliness! Check a website that doesn’t fit into your mobile device, and see how your experience as a user is. Developing a mobile application is another thing, a good thing of course. But if you are opting for website development, then you must necessarily go for getting a Responsive Site developed.

    User Validation:

    Grant user registration as per different roles in case of a directory search-based Real Estate site. Let the Sale and Rent section be managed separately.

    Easy Filtering:

    The user must easily be able to hunt for properties in the location desired and of the budget they want. Other categories can be of the types of home or office, the concerned person’s type as a student, family, business, coaching class, etc.

    Quote Management:

    Real Estate sites nowadays provide online tools like Quotation forms, mortgage calculators, Rent or Buy Calculators, and many others. These help the users for convenient comparisons and auctions.


    Allow the buyers and the vendors to communicate with each other and get clarity over the opposite’s profile. They can negotiate over rates, locality, and other matters as concerned.

    Map Integration:

    Put in Map view of the areas for which the property has been listed. This is simply for a better user experience.

    Choosing the platform:

    Although any PHP framework will be a good platform to get a Real Estate directory search website, CI will account for rapid development. Apart from that Python can also be a better alternative.

    Image Gallery:

    In terms of beautifying your website, Images play a vital role. But from the subject of our websites, you can have compulsion options asking the property owners to include a minimum number of images so as to make things crystal clear for the buyers.

    Add Blogs:

    Content makes a big part of an entire website. Regular blogs affect your website Page Raking over the search engine. It is a secret, an SEO tactic. So if you want to reach a better worthy audience, the blog section over your website will benefit you.

    Social Media Integration:

    Bind your website with your social media pages. Give provisions to share the blogs through this medium. This is indirectly going to make your presence.

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    Video Showcase:

    As a high-end step, videos will always work out to attract users to your website. Background animations, video guides, seller profiles in video format, every single aspect shall work out for your business.

    And that is what we want, Prosperous Business! Getting in touch with the technology to get in touch with superior business outcomes! AgileInfoways has created a few elegant Real Estate websites you would like to view:

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