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    How Mobile Apps Are Changing The Life Of Old People?

    • July 18, 2016
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    In the rapidly changing technology time, app development companies are doing outstanding work with app developers to deliver all types of mobile apps in the market. Today, we have mobile apps almost for every industry and can access anything with the SmartPhones with just one tap.

    Mobile apps are famous all over the world and making people tension free by giving them a chance to access things in a full comfort zone. Like, with mobile apps you can perform a number of tasks; let’s take a look at the below-defined points

    • Reading books
    • Listening songs
    • All types of shopping from clothes to grocery
    • Car, auto, and taxi booking
    • Booking tables at a restaurant
    • Movie ticket booking
    • Bill payments
    • Mobile recharge
    • Bus ticket booking
    • Train ticket booking
    • Flight ticket booking
    • Electric bill payments and much more tasks

    Here are Major Security Concerns for Mobile App Development

    With mobile applications, a person can manage almost every task easily on their SmartPhone. What about old people? We have all the young app developers so nobody has ever thought about developing apps for old people. With the technology growing market, it has become very important for all people to keep themselves updated with the current technological advancements.

    Below is the list of mobile apps that had built especially for old people:

    1. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker
    2. Instant Heart Rate
    6. Pill Reminder Pro
    7. Lumosity
    8. Prismatic
    9. Medisafe
    10. Vouchercloud
    11. Skype
    12. FLOW
    14. Helping Hands Apps
    15. Park’n'Forget

    If we will take a look at the present condition of old people, then we will come to know that, old people are the one who needs mobile apps more than anyone in today's time. There may be any kind of emergency to old people as reaching towards the landline is not possible all the time. SmartPhones are handy and old people can take help using their phones. In an emergency, old people can communicate faster with their SmartPhone.

    There are a number of benefits when old people use the mobile apps

    1) Stay happy using the social media platforms:

    By using social media apps, old people can stay happy and more energetic. As they don’t have any work to do in their daily life so it becomes hard to pass the time. In such cases, with the different social media apps, they can keep themselves engaged, and also their time will easily get passed. They can find their old group of friends and can chat with them.

    2) Use Mobile Wherever You Go:

    It is very important for old people to have a mobile with them wherever they go. As it helps them to provide the right directions and will help them in each step till they reach their destination. Whether it is about finding a location or remembering some item to buy, the mobile phone app will help you in an entire manner. Also, you can always be in touch with your family members so that if anything happens in between your journey then they can contact you for knowing the problem.

    3) Regular Communication With The Grandkids:

    The relation between grandkids and their grandparents is undefinable and has a special bonding with each other. We all know that in today's time where technology is evolving rapidly, little kids are so active towards mobile usage and know all the ways to access a SmartPhone. With the mobile apps, a grandkid will able to face regular communication with his/her grandparents. In this way, grandparents will also not miss a single memory of their grandkids through videos and images.

    4) Face Instant Help With Mobile Apps:

    Such an app that will help to alert the registered numbers that there is an emergency can save the life of old people. At the time of any incident, old people didn't get time to call some for taking help else they start panicking in such a situation. That's why it is important to store some alert apps in the mobile phones of old people for detecting the danger.

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