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    How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education System?

    • February 6, 2016
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    Using Mobile Apps for all types of services has become a trend in today’s revolutionary world. With the increase of technology, the whole scenario of the world has changed. The level of education is increasing with the mobile application’s usage among all students as well as teachers.

    Smartphone’s, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, are the devices that have captured that market and because of this, apps have come into the picture providing ease in accessing various things. Education is emerging highly and in the technology-based world, it has become very important to become literate if you want to make your bright future. It is noted that students are using more and more apps for their needs and part from the entertainment apps; they are also using educational apps. With this new pattern of studying, the awareness of education is mounting. The Apple and iPhone market is introducing thousands of apps which are important from the Education and eLearning point of view.

    The whole work has become fully dependent on the gadgets that are speeding daily and introducing something innovative for the sake of people. New applications are changing the way students learn different subjects.

    Such an innovative and important app’s list is defined below:

    1. app is designed for the use of college students who are in the need to set their tasks for the studying purpose. This application provides the easy and best way to make a list of tasks that you are targeting to complete. With this app, you can set the task and then synchronize them with any device so that you can access any task from anywhere. You can add new entries using the touch interface as well as from your voices.

    There are millions of students from different schools & colleges who are using the app for setting the task and accessing them according to their priority. Even it is possible to add or remove the task from the list or you can also set the task as completed when it is finished.

    2. Dropbox:

    Dropbox had made the whole file sending, sharing, and saving work much simpler. It provides full security to store your important files and prevent data loss. With Dropbox, you can send as many photos, videos, files as you want to share and send. Also, recently Microsoft had joined hands with Dropbox, so with this partnership now people can edit Microsoft Office files on their mobile phones and save them directly on their Smartphones.

    3. Evernote:

    Using the Evernote app, you can set reminders, craft notes, arrange lists, attach files, build goals, and all these things you can access through any device. With this app, you can take a photo using the camera and save that picture. This app is very popular since 2008 among all students who want to do the study in a systematic manner.


    College students are very curious to know all the latest news and want to get all the details that are happening in the market. But due to their exams, deadlines, pressure, or part-time jobs, they didn’t get time to read the news. Now, with the app, students will be able to read the news and get notifications when something happening or interesting will happen in the market. is considered the most promising RSS aggregator.

    5. Microsoft Office Mobile:

    Microsoft Office mobile app provides great ease for students who don’t have a laptop and want to complete their homework using Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel. With the Microsoft Office Mobile app, you can open a new Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel file on your Smartphone and start doing your homework for achieving your targets.

    6. Scribd:

    Scribd app is used by students who are dedicated to their studies and need an online library for getting more information about any topic. Scribd app will help students to access the largest online library in which billions of books and documents are present. From there, students can access any document matching their requirements.

    The files and books are shared by people from all over the world, you have to decide which file is fulfilling your need & providing the exact guidance. By doing this, you can create your own library online consisting of various texts, notes, books and can share with your friends using the Scribd app on your Smartphone.

    7. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock:

    Good and quality sleep is very important for all students. You will not able to concentrate on your exam or lecture if you had not slept last night or had an improper sleep. If you are in a deep sleep and suddenly wake up then your whole day will last in an un-energetic and lazy way.

    Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app observes your sleep patterns and will wake you up when you are in the lightest sleep stage. This app will track your sleep patterns and judge your quality sleep with time. After that, it will all get shown in the graph pattern that can get exported to Excel. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app can tell you about the whole day's work and stress that you faced.

    The list is long when we talk about educational apps as technology is booming and with this, the trend of apps is also increasing in every field. By analyzing all the requirements of students, we at AgileInfoways are ever ready to build the best educational apps for the sake of students.

    Our team of app developers is experienced enough to manage all the work that is involved in the mobile application development procedure. A talented team of app developers is enough to handle a project, and we at AgileInfoways have a proficient app developer’s team who had a deal with hundreds of projects till now.

    Having great expertise skills, we can guarantee you to deliver the best outcomes fulfilling your expectations. Our talents have full estimations to meet the given deadlines by the clients. Coming to us is beneficial in all the ways and you will definitely get the satisfied results by working with our team.

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