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    Reasons to Use WordPress CMS for the Enterprise – Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

    • December 24, 2015
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    WordPress has been conquered as a complete Content Management System (CMS) in the past few years, but there is a huge crowd of individuals who understand that WordPress is just a simple platform for blogging.

    WordPress is a feature-packed platform to deliver far-fetched advantages to users in the business sector. If you want to enhance your content and blogging concerning experience to 100% satisfaction, WordPress is what you need. There are millions of websites which are successfully running on this platform and gratifying users as per their premises.

    WordPress is full of plug-ins such as,

    • Security plug-ins
    • SEO plug-ins
    • Caching plug-ins
    • Sitemap plug-ins
    • Akismet (Anti-spam) Plug-in
    • Jetpack Plug-in
    • WooCommerce Plug-in
    • Wordfence security Plug-in

    Leverage all these must-have premium plug-ins to make your website perform better in cyberspace in 2016. The best thing about WordPress plug-ins is that it provides you with a number of choices. You need not be stuck with a specific one. There are also some plug-ins that allow you to turn your WordPress into eCommerce solutions.

    What is Trending Out?

    • The latest update of WordPress 4.4 (named as “Clifford”) conveys,
    • Responsive images
    • Embeddable posts feature
    • The REST API
    • The popular website wordpress.com contains a new admin interface and connects with JavaScript.
    • You can now connect a WordPress blog to Windows App Studio as well.
    • Microsoft introducing a new template which is specially dedicated to the WordPress Blog.
    • The latest update also comprises a new default WordPress Theme for 2016

    Different WordPress Themes/Templates and plug-ins offered by AgileInfoways will assure you to deliver immense stability and excellent features to give solid competition to others in this ever-changing marketplace. Our talented WordPress developers manage all the projects brilliantly. They have created a huge WordPress portfolio with all the cutting-edge tools and technology, which showcases their dedication to the platform. They know how WordPress Websites are far better than traditional websites and deliver customized WordPress modules.

    There are the latest WordPress Development Trends which you need to look out for in 2016 for sure:

    • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images
    • Responsive website designs
    • Parallax Designs
    • Flat Designs
    • Modular Designs
    • Infographics
    • Moving backgrounds

    WordPress is pretty easy to utilize. It'll definitely help you to realize your dreams with a number of benefits such as,

    • No need for any expert designers as it provides amazing ready-made themes
    • Its Money Saving as number of free themes and plug-ins are available
    • Make selling of products easy to monetize directly from the website
    • Make editing/add content from any of the devices as it delivers huge accessibility
    • No matter how many pages you add it will maintain the great consistency
    • Completely flexible for the SEO premises as it provides SEO friendly URLs and different plug-ins to improve SEO strategy
    • Business models comprise by WordPress is utilized by the top communicators globally
    • Support you get from the WordPress Community is awesome

    If you discover a need to move your website on WordPress, this platform will help you to make your move extremely smooth without shrinking your traffic. Even your followers can also be easily transferred by WordPress. Isn't that good? Hire a trusted WordPress developer to develop a custom WordPress theme, WordPress plugin, CMS, and many more features. Hire Dedicated WordPress developer from agile infoways and get the best custom solutions.

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