Top 6 website design trends

    Top 6 website design trends that will dominate in 2017

    • January 6, 2017
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    Creative fields never focus on the same pattern as it brings continuous changes and updations to discover the best every time. Website design is the most creative field which demands constant variations to improve the user experience. As the year 2016 has currently passed, the expectations of people are very high to see some effective updations in the field of website designing in terms of UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience).

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    2017 will definitely bring some unexpected and innovative changes in the website design field.

    1. Responsive Design will capture the whole market

    We all are aware of the importance of responsive design which plays the most basic role to adopt the mobile screen without changing the format of the website. The scope and evolution of responsive website design are gaining a huge boom in the market.

    People who have still not adopted the responsive design concept should now make a strong move to make their website responsive. In 2017, we are expecting a website to automatically adapt every screen as it loads. Google is ranking responsive websites on a much higher level in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

    2. Micro Animations and Interactions

    A website is characterized by a number of micro-interactions. If we discuss this concept in deep, you will come to know the whole scenario. For example, when you open your Facebook account, the first which attracts you is the red icon blinking to read you the recent messages and notifications. This grabs your attraction and forces you to see those messages immediately. Most of the websites are incorporating a number of micro-interactions for site navigation which is very functional and ultimately delightful for users.

    3. Increase in usage of rapid prototyping

    The use of rapid prototyping tools in the website design will be going to escalate as it is already used more day by day. Uxpin and Marvel are the best tools that are being used by website designers. These tools are very effective in creating splendid website designs. Currently, all the websites which get introduced in the market are created using these tools only. This tool is extremely helpful for saving time and resources as the website can also be launched with the use of this gadget immediately.

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    4. Improved Parallax Scrolling

    Parallax scrolling effect in the website design will make its unique place in 2017 year. Parallax scrolling makes its effect like when only the background moves slower than the foreground images which creates an illusion. There are many other scrolling effects that will take a huge boom in 2017 like scroll-activated animation. Now, take your audience on a different journey by using the parallax scrolling effect on your website and avoid the chances of a 100% bounce rate when someone visits your website.

    5. Videos will take a center stage

    When it comes to any video, then it is obvious that it captures the user’s whole attention. In this year, videos will flow everywhere grabbing user attention in the following aspects like full-screen, marketing, customer engagement, immersive videos, and more. When an animated cartoon scrolls down in a video, it illustrates the whole story of that page getting user attention. Video holds customers for a longer time with the help of sound and movement and this concept will boom this year.

    6. Rise in the Animated GIFs

    Animated GIFs are taking the market away with their ever-increasing scope in every field. The scope of GIFs is going beyond imagination breaking the line between Facebook and Twitter. In website designing, the flow of animated GIFs is exploring and making it on the top level. The concept of GIFs will boom more in the upcoming years making great impacts on the user to grab their attention.

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