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    • December 22, 2015
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    Technology simply survives up to its possibilities when it is well designed. In today’s inventive and technical environment, the phrase “Responsive Website Design” are being utilized very frequently like never before. The design of a website is very significant aspect as it impacts how rapidly visitors can discover what they are looking for. Exceptional “UI/UX Design” can lead a product story to the completely new level. So its necessary for the organizations to understand the importance of the Apps and Website designs to increase ROI.

    There are numerous web design structures such as navigation menu, sidebar columns, header and Footer of web pages, content of website and many more that help entrepreneurs to boom their business. There are also different web design trends which you need to look after into upcoming year 2016 such as:

    • Use of Parallax scrolling techniques which allows foreground and background content to scroll at different speeds.
    • Utilization of Carousels on the front page
    • Use only two typefaces for the good effect of content
    • Designers started to hide all things under a hamburger menu
    • Avoid too much utilization of JavaScript as it slow down the website

    There is also a massive role of Graphic web designing tools to make the websites and app designs eye-catchy. Here are some of the examples:

    • Webydo: B2B hybrid platform that combines web design and development in one.
    • Pixlr: Its an alternative of photoshop. It is also good for the simple re-size and crop operations.
    • Rinse: Help photographers with a unique way to show a portfolio of work as well as tell the stories behind it.
    • Invision: Transitions and animations along with real-time design as well as collaboration and sync capabilities. Enable you to turn your designs into interactive prototypes.
    • Infogram: It visualize your data by representing it into info-graphics very easily.
    • Ink: Let you build responsive HTML emails that work on different devices.

    As one of the top Website designing firm, AgileInfoways utilize all the cutting-edge tools and technologies needed to deliver 100% satisfaction to the clientele. Professional designers are enthusiastically follow all the latest responsive web design trends that makes the whole design stunning. Skilled designers are the best way to make your branding perfect. So if you need pixel perfect designs for your apps and websites with great designing elements ,you can hire our full-time/part-time dedicated designers that definitely assist you to enhance your conversion rates. We also help starters with great designing strategies that help them to leverage best out of the designs.

    CSS3 Media queries are the most helpful module that empowers designers to apply different properties based on different screen size for the responsive design. If we talk about importance of responsive design, the websites which does not contains mobile friendly designs are penalized as Google updates its algorithm. So if any one want to rank their websites on the top, they need to perform optimization as per the Google update.

    There are number of astonishing benefits of the responsiveness such as:
    • Improve the experience of searchers
    • There is no risk of the duplication
    • Great user experience
    • URLs/Links will be more stronger than ever before
    • Improve the experience of offline browsing
    • Reduce the total time of page loading
    • Enhance rankings for the mobile search
    • Make it easier for the users to do online shopping
    • Increase sales as well as revenue
    • Save money and time as well
    • No duplication penalties
    • Definitely reduce the bounce rate
    • It is all about what Google need
    • Make you to standout among the competition
    • Make your website more relevant

    Customers’ behavior is transforming day by day and we at AgileInfoways evolving with them. We are not only saving our time but also reducing the total web development costs with responsive designs. We take pride in building sites and apps that not just work good and look amazing; We also concentrate on how users will get surprised with our solutions. No matter what you need in terms of design, we will assist you.

    You can checkout our portfolio of the web designs to get an idea how amazing our designs are. When you get appointed with us, we evaluate each single functionalities, focus on targeted audience, deliver intuitive UX/UI designs as well as connect with you to offer best results.

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