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    Everything you Must Know About the Current Release “Android O” Developers’ Preview

    • April 3, 2017
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    A few months back, Android N was released with the fantastic name “Nougat” on 22nd August 2016. Android O is ready to make a blast with its amazing features as its beta version is released for the developers’ preview. This year, we are expecting much more from the new version of Android. Also, it is heard that Android O will be named “Oreo” but obviously, these all are rumors as nothing yet decided. But one thing is sure that Google will come up with some highly amazing name for Android O.

    Here are some awesome features of Android O:

    1. Powerful Notifications

    Google is coming up with an enhanced notification feature. Previously, people were facing problems with overwhelmed notifications on their phones daily. Now, with the improved notification feature, you can manage the number of notifications that you want to see on your mobile phone. With the help of “Fine-grained control”, you can manage every single app.

    2. Enhanced Battery Life

    Google is working on improving the life of Android devices’ batteries. They are blocking the apps which run in the background. The limitations cover an app which usually reacts to the “Implicit Broadcasts” or transforms on a device when Wi-Fi turns on or a photo is taken. Also, it will restrict the background services and updates on location when the app is not in use.

    3. Multitasking

    Google is working on adding a wide range of features in Android O to assist users in managing multi activities. ‘Picture in Picture’ is one such form that allows users to keep videos playing on one screen and one more screen to browse different sites; also you can make calls and send messages. Google has made everything so flexible that one can use a second screen simultaneously on the Android device having the capability to begin a program on a remote display.

    4. Adaptable Icons

    This is a minor change but has supreme importance and will get noticed easily with the installation of Android O. Samsung or LG devices often force to use icons of particular shapes like square or squircle. Google has a circle but at times it happens that the app you installs doesn’t match with the visual. So with the adaptable icons, you can make the whole scenario looks similar which may be either squircle or square or circle. The apps that you download on the phone will automatically change their shape according to the device's predefined shape.

    5. Autofill API

    We know that how irritates to write the same thing again and again on your mobile device. The information may vary like a password, email address, or any other thing. Android O is coming with a fresh autofill API with which apps can register on the system for providing a full range of autofill services.

    6. Improved Audio

    LDAC support and a Bluetooth audio codec have enhanced the quality of audio in Android O. This will help to improve the whole sound quality when streamlining wirelessly to Bluetooth-connected devices. Audio API has been added to provide high performance in the audio system.

    7. Upgrading Keyboards

    Keyboard updations have brought benefits for mainly Chromebook users. Android O will bring the new feature of “arrow” & “tab” navigation. This will provide much simplicity to users when they are accessing the Android app in the Chrome OS.

    8. Different ways to connect

    The Android devices with capable hardware can connect with each other without any internet connection. This does not require any access point. The third-party calling apps have the capability to control and redirect the calls to different devices. The telecom framework is updating by allowing the third-party VoIP apps for working in close collaboration with the help of the Android System. This is helpful for people to avoid the cellular carriers and move to internet-based affordable calling plans.

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