Enterprise App Development for iOS Platform – All Credit Goes to Swift Programming Language

    • February 29, 2016
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    Enterprise apps are very significant for businesses these days and entrepreneurs are being serious about it as days are passing by. Swift programming language is playing a vital role in enterprise infrastructure to satisfy the requirement of each single business entrepreneurs when it comes to development of apps. There are number of new tools from IBM which helps developers to write and run applications in the cloud platform by utilizing Swift. IBM is the first Cloud services supplier which enables Apple's app development in native Swift. By bringing Swift to the cloud; developers will leverage the best while developing Enterprise apps.

    Swift will be available as a server-side language on IBM cloud with a preview of Swift Run-time and Swift Package Catalog, a resource that assist Enterprise Mobile Application developers to share and discover Swift code. From the release of Swift, App Development in Swift always has been in the middle of debate which takes place amongst every enterprise. Its number of benefits pushes developers to approach Swift for iOS app development.

    There are different three ways for developers to utilize Swift on the Cloud of IBM:

    1. Experiment in the Sandbox of Swift
    2. Development and Deployment
    3. Sharing Swift resources

    You have to do different kind of experiments with Swift, improvise your set of skills and realize what this programming language can achieve for your enterprise by checking out new improvement to the Sandbox of Swift.
    You need to begin with making end-to-end applications on Bluemix and rapidly deploy them with Kitura. Kitura is another open source web server released by IBM on Linux as well as on OS X.

    Get code across various projects by generating different packages and submit them to the Swift Package Catalog on Bluemix to support sharing of new Swift resources with the global development community.

    While developing iOS application for Enterprises, it is better to go with Swift compare to Objective C because,

    • It’s easy to work and maintain
    • Unified with memory management
    • Deliver safer iOS application
    • Run faster
    • Packed with the great features
    • Coding is interactive as well as fun to write
    • Drive productivity by developing contextual applications for your enterprise
    • Less code requirements
    • Support dynamic libraries
    • It’s a bright future

    Modern apps need cutting-edge programming language like Swift. Swift on the Cloud is an opportunity for enterprises to drastically simplify the end-to-end applications development and this is the reason why it reaches to the new heights of efficiency and production.

    According to the IBM, fetching Swift to the server will solve number of hurdles between Front-end and back-end development. This will empower enterprises to utilize a single language to assemble rich user experiences and back-end business logic. It also enables engineers to have a less difficult and safer chain for end-to-end application creation. Eventually, Swift is a widely accepted feature-packed programming language that will enable iOS developers to not only construct applications but also target embedded frameworks.

    Swift is driving the standards of Mobile App Development to fetch in fresh rules and regulations of its own!

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