Does your app support all the iOS versions? Is this possible? What are the real possibilities?

    • March 21, 2016
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    The mobile application has become a priority need for people and that’s why business owners are driving to develop an app representing their business. iOS developers are looking to find new ways to apply in the app development process.

    As iOS versions are updating yearly, it has become very important for all enterprise owners to develop their apps in such a way that their app should support all the iOS versions. As the technology is speeding, iOS developers are facing new challenges to make a better and usable iOS mobile application.

    iOS version is getting day by day shinier and full of enhancing features and this is attracting more and more people to use and updates the latest iOS version. Apple's iPhone is trending in today's time and people are using it more than any other company's phone like Android, Blackberry, Windows & many more.

    Every time when a new version of iOS gets introduced on the market it provides many opportunities to all the iOS developers for doing something unique in the app development. That’s why it is said that developers should develop an app supporting all the iOS versions.

    Below is the list of iOS versions and their release dates:

    Different iOS ModelsRelease Date
    iPhoneJune 2007
    iPhone 3GJune 2008
    iPhone 3G SJune 2009
    iPhone 4June 2010
    iPhone 4SOctober 2011
    iPhone 5September 2012
    iPhone 5S & 5CSeptember 2013
    iPhone 6 & 6 PlusSeptember 2014
    iPhone 6SSeptember 2015
    iPhone 7September 16, 2016.
    7 iPhone SEMarch 31, 2016
    iPhone 8 And 8 PlusSeptember 17, 2017
    iPhone XNovember 3, 2017
    iPhone XROctober 26, 2018
    iPhone XSSeptember 14, 2018
    iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max September 10, 2019
    iPhone 12 Pro October 13, 2020
    iPhone 12 Pro Max October 23, 2020
    iPhone 13September 14, 2021
    iPhone 13 miniSeptember 17, 2021
    iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro MaxSeptember 24, 2021

    Elevated Approval Time:

    Apple is working hard to explore the technology in the best possible ways. This is the time when people are expecting new things which can provide them more ease to access things. The devices made by Apple Inc. are not at all fragmented like the other Company owners. It is the point where people are expecting something new & unique for facing more ease and unique technology. It is always necessary for people to upgrade their iOS devices to the new iOS version to face the defined new features.

    People are aware of all the possibilities that are making new changes & exploring new things for the sake of people. It's very important to keep yourself updated with the latest version updations to face newly defined features which are specially designed by the developers for all people. Now, as iPhone 9 has been introduced in the market, with this introduction, the adoption rate is above 60% to adapt this new version and face the unique features.

    Mobile Application Intricacy:

    Why it is always necessary to develop an app that should support all the latest versions? What will happen if I will go with the simple and stupid design for an app? What are the possibilities when I will give an old look to my app like it is followed by the KISS Principle (Keep it Simple, Stupid!)? What will happen if I will not follow the app development considering all the latest technologies? If I will follow all these things then there are more possibilities for getting support from all the iOS versions that have the common features since the beginning.

    Offering Only a Few Features:

    If you are thinking to add new features to your mobile and want new iOS updations in your mobile, developers code in new ways to support the iOS version and clean the previous one. But the main question lies in the use of Facebook SDK (Software Development Kit) for supporting all the versions of iOS. iOS developers can work on this matter and deliver the best app that can support at least 2 to 3 latest iOS versions.

    Picking the Best Programming Language:

    Another point is all about picking the best programming language that will make the whole iOS app development process easy for developers. Since old times, Objective-C language was used for the iOS app development process. But later with technology improvisation, as iPhone 7 is expected to get a release this year 2016, we have a new Swift Programming Language which was developed by Apple. At first, Swift was designed for iOS only but later it was made open source and used by all people to face ease in the development process. iOS developers found it easier to work with Swift Programming Language as the coding is easy and clean to use for the app development process.

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