How COVID 19 and Its Impact Has Changed the Way We Internet?

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COVID 19 and Its Impact

The COVID-19 outbreak and the nationwide lockdown has marked impact across various industries. Due to the lockdown, Indians are spending more time than ever on social media, playing games, using internet-based calling apps, and watching the original content. This change can lead to the emergence of new long-term trends that use improved apps and services.

People are watching original content which is good news for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and more. Today, people have adopted a new habit of playing games and more social media usage, which will create opportunities and increase the revenue of the telecom companies. With the increasing demand of 123% of watching original content, users are spending 32% of their time watching it.

Gaming and Video-on-demand apps benefited with a 15% increase per week to 44% increase a week.

Currently, Mobile Game Development Companies are on the rise to increase their revenue as more and more people are using smartphone applications for everything and anything. It can range from video calls to studies and from gaming to watching content. There are lots of new communication modes used, such as Houseparty and Zoom, to have a group discussion. According to TOI, there is a high rise of 50-80% increase in active users observed from February to April for well-established platforms like TikTok and mobile game PUBG.  

Surge in Gaming

The study report by Statista says that the market value of the Indian gaming industries observed about 62 billion in 2019 and with estimated increase would go up to 250 billion by 2024. In this quarantine, the popularity of online gaming is on the rise across multiple genres. Moreover, the breakout titles such as Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends have created a massive user base. Also, the recently launched game Call of Duty has grabbed more than 50 million users in just one-month post-launch.

Moving on with casual mobile games like Ludo and Carrom have more significance, it’s the audience in India.  Apart from that Free Fire, PUBG and COD are the holy grail of mobile gaming for any gamer. Seeing the craziness for players, WHO (World Health Organization) has launched an initiative titled #playApartTogether to slow the spread of COVID 19. Today, most of the Mobile app development companies are giving reasons to people to love their games which gives reason to stay indoors. With 5X time spent on gaming, Mobile app professionals are spending considerable time developing new games and adding a new version to their existing games.

The unity game development company is spending 26% more time with games compared to the pre-lockdown crisis as reported by BARC-Nielsen. Today the game development services are adding necessary activities during the lockdown and help gamers who are alone and want to make new friends online. Check below list of game trends 2020 that help you stay entertained during COVID 19 Pandemic.

Best Mobile Games to Play at Home

1) PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a highly addictive game and popularized game available free-for-all-battle royale style of mobile gaming. This game is developed for both platforms by android game development and iOS game development. Before downloading this game, we recommend having some self-control as it will end up spending a lot of your time.

2) Call of Duty: Mobile

It is a top-rated game played globally. One can achieve numbers in battles you haven’t imagined in your lifetime. This game is quite exciting and is favorite for most as it’s played for ten years on PC and mobiles.

3) Habbo – Virtual World

It’s a fun playing game if you like to socialize on the side. In here, you need to create a character and perform the task to earn coins. It will take you to the Hobbo world and keep you indoors. This game doesn’t have an objective like PUBG, which needs lots of attention so you can play your way.

4) Alto’s Odyssey

It’s an exciting game that seems easy at first and becomes complicated as you move. It was released back in 2015 and involved endless sandboarding through several landscapes. It’s a kind of addictive game that lets you wake up the whole night.

5) Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

It’s a role-playing game series. If you haven’t started yet, then it’s high time to spend your quarantine playing the best games series Final Fantasy. It has a different version that covers final fantasy then brave exvius is an excellent point to start with. The game is very easy and takes you to the best storyline.

6) Ludo Star

If you’re more like a conventional gamer, then Ludo works best for you. It allows you to play with your friend’s members and roommates. Make new friends online and connect with various players across the world. You only need to implement a good strategy to win the game.

7) Asphalt 9: Legends

Various games provide 3D game development services to attract users. Asphalt is one of them; it’s a racing game genre that takes you to the next level graphics and controls. The game has licenses for many car companies so you can use their names and designs. As it adds your dream car like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more in the game. So, drive your dream car here.

We think that it’s too early to envisage the uncertain future. As the good news is here, the big companies like Google, Microsoft, Baidu have already started to create products on AI and giving us new experiences daily. The technology influence is so spread that people are creating original web series and movies on current technology to nourish our appetite. Few of the best technology show you can watch during lockdown are listed below:

Learn about leading technologies to brighten your future. 

  • The Age of A.I

It’s an eight-part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey to show the ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world. The series dated on YouTube Premium in two batches. You can learn a lot from this series if you’re interested in areas of STEM and STEAM.

  • Altered Carbon Season

Altered Carbon streamed on Netflix. It’s inspired by a 2002 novel which will take you to 360 years in the future where technology has transformed the whole world. The season1 aired in the year 2018 and season 2 in 2020. Watch the drama, themes, and superpower of the future.

  • Omniscient

It’s a Portuguese based English dubbed sci-fi drama series showcased on Netflix. If you watched Black Mirror, then this series will bring all beautiful memories along with using extreme technology. There is a drama which compiles the fast-paced story to an era that lies between privacy and safety.

  • The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

It’s an American series that showcases teenage scientists to explore great recent teendom after moving across the country to pursue a career in robotics. The great minds used here expand the universe of Ashley Garcia to bring new amalgamation technology for the audience.  

Wrapping up

The current pandemic is going to have a lot of negative impacts also on economic conditions. Still, surprisingly it provides an opportunity for the game development companies, mobile app development companies, media-based companies, and other social platforms will spike their revenue and fame.

As we are stuck behind the doors, it’s high time to watch series that interest you and give your thrilling experiences. With the increasing demand for online content, people are watching it like never before. Make your most of the time learning new technology through web series and cheers to you during the lockdown.

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