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    Choose Cross-platform Development: Dig Into The Impressive Welfares Of This Amazing Technique

    • December 18, 2015
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    The corporate sector in each corner of the world is facing the very ordinary question that which platform will be beneficial to go with for mobile app development? There is a number of options for Native app development such as Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry. But what if you found a need to build an app which is feasible on all the platforms. Cross-platform is all you need.

    Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, iFactr - These all are the major tools on which cross-platform development is surviving. Xamarin releases the latest version 4.0 with a fair amount of hot stuff by adding improvements for iOS 9.1 and Android Marshmallow. Developers of Xamarin can code in either Visual Studio on Windows or utilizing Xamarin's own IDE Xamarin Studio which runs on Windows or Mac. This C# centric platform now gives developers a more integrated cross-platform app development experience. This update makes the lives of developers easy going with new improvements.

    PhoneGap framework also known as Apache Cordova allowing developers to leverage the benefits of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 for the rapid creation of mobile apps. PhoneGap is built on Apache Cordova and plays the role of the engine that empowers PhoneGap. Plug-ins are also developing for PhoneGap and Cordova.

    If we talk about Appcelerator Titanium, it is an enterprise-focused Mobile App Development platform. It is a much of the time favored framework by the developers that lean upon CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript with MVC framework. The Appcelerator platform can now build APIs for Apple Watch. The new addition 'Arrow' forms the backbone of this platform. The Arrow can be utilized for the development of APIs that empowers to connection apps in devices which are browserless like Apple Watch.

    Different cross-platform development tools are existing in the market to help app developers with diverse specialties such as:

    • Sencha
    • Cocos2d
    • Unity 3D
    • Corona
    • Qt
    • Alpha Anywhere
    • 5App

    Hybrid Mobile App Development frameworks help you to trim redundant activities as well as shrink the app development cost to grab the advantages of cutting-edge technology 100%. We at AgileInfoways leverage the open-source libraries and frameworks as well as also perform customization and integration of open-source packages. Every single application deployed by our experts is reflecting stunning functionalities and awesome visual appeal. There is a number of plus points of this Multi-platform mobile app development:

    It will cover multiple platforms so you will able to reach a massive area of the audience.

    • When you have a bigger number of fans around the world, marketing will become easier.
    • It's easier than ever to maintain and deploy the modifications when you are developing an app that runs on diverse platforms.
    • The general design of the application can be preserved across all the platforms as a single code is running everywhere.
    • It will definitely reduce your development costs when you build applications for multiple platforms.
    • It will also reduce the overall technical barriers.
    • Deliver a smart way to do business.
    • Freedom from all the boundaries conveyed by native technologies
    • Save your time without compromising the quality.

    The experience of AgileInfoways in the development of mobile apps using cross-platform technology is far-reaching. We have delivered a number of applications in the market by performing hybrid app development that gives perfect look and feels for the best user experience. You can take a look at our portfolio to get an idea about our dedicated developers. We also perform customization and integration of the open-source packages. Our experts are talented enough to craft an app as per the stipulated terms and conditions of the admired clients.

    Future of cross-platform:

    One thing that is common between the most popular apps like WhatsApp, Angry Birds, and Temple run that these all are available on Android, iOS as well as on Windows. So if we keep it short, cross-platform apps can be available in each single application store will be the future.

    Understand An Effective Guide to Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

    We can actually accept that the enterprise-ready hybrid app development has proceeded to take off. Whether it's large/medium/small-sized businesses, all are progressively adapting to the world of mobile. The need for the ability to rapidly develop and deploy apps at scale means cross-platform development tools will only become ever significant over the upcoming arena.

    Hire cross-platform mobile app developers from AgileInfoways and Utilize the best out of this technology to get astonishing welfares.

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